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Blalock Blasts 'Enterprise' Executives


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Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

This is a very interesting read.

Blalock Blasts 'Enterprise' Executives

In an interview in the latest edition of the British SFX Magazine, Blalock noted that she was very pleased to have new showrunner Manny Coto at the helm. But when asked why he wasn't promoted sooner, Blalock launched into a scathing tirade on the Enterprise management, though she did not specify which individual(s) she was referring to.
"Because it's the same in any industry... You have this head guy who's some kind of ancient old croaker with no concept of the real world outside, with his fine wine and his, er, crumpets," said Blalock. "And what are ya gonna tell them? 'Give it up'? 'Go home, be with your wife, go play golf'? No - then ya got no job! A powerful job is your identity. Give that up, and who are you? What the hell are you gonna do with all that time? You can't tell people what to do anymore!"
Blalock also reiterated her displeasure with the way her character and the show in general has been taken, particularly over the past season, when intimate scenes were shown involving her and Connor Trineer's character Charles 'Trip' Tucker III. "You can't substitute tits and ass for good storytelling. You can have both, but you can't substitute one for the other, because the audience is not stupid. You can't just throw in frivolous, uncharacteristic... well, bull and think it's gonna help the ratings!"

The full interview, including exclusive photos of Blalock, can be found in Issue 125, on sale from Wednesday November 24th.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

“You can’t substitute tits and ass for good storytelling. You can have both, but you can't substitute one for the other, because the audience is not stupid. You can’t just throw in frivolous, uncharacteristic... well, bull and think it's gonna help the ratings!"


For some reason, I thought of old Mighty when I read this part. :)

I suspect he'd tend to agree with the sentiment. T and A might be fine and even welcomed, but not if it's trying to cover a crappy script. ;)

I have the last episode mostly on tape (last 50 or 45 minutes). I'm still having trouble with the "I just don't care about these characters" thing, and this is now going into the busiest time of the semester.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

There are too many characters I don't care too much for either. It's not that I dislike them, it's just that there's not much of them to get me on board in the liking them being in the show department. On this list are Reed, Mayweather, Archer, and -- despite his being kinda cute -- Trip.

Those I do have interest in are T'Pol, Phlox, and Hoshi. And thinking of this it made my mind twitch, so see my question about the episode over in the episode thread.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

That is interesting, VL. :) The aliens and the women. ;)

I'll catch what part of Enterprise today, probably, as I grade some assignments. I'm likely going to be more interested in the Vulcan based stories, if they don't butcher the Vulcan persona too much.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

Couldn't agree more with what she said.

Phlox and Hoshi are good, but under used. Trip is good but over used. Maclcom is cool. :) T'pol, Archer, Mayweather? Boring.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

Blalock, Billingsley and Trineer are fair better actors than this show deserves and play the only characters I have any interest in.

It's a pity T'Pol got such an awful character arc. Between the bizarre attempt to match her up with Archer, turning her into little more than an over-emotional damsel in distress and making her a crack whore, it's no wonder Blalock is upset.

As for the others, Sato and Mayweather never got above "token ethnics" in my book, and the rare times they got screentime, I was left unimpressed. Archer sucks and Reed is only a step above a cartoon.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

HEHE, I remember when the series first started, lots of folks were desperate to see Hoshi and Phlox shoved out an airlock, and they do seem to be becoming the characters people liked the most (or at least that they want to like the most, if they'd be developed).

Yea, poor T'Pol her character really has been abused in the series.

Scott Bakula, I have never really liked as an actor, but, this season's Archer is far less annoying to me than the actor has ever been.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives


I suspect he'd tend to agree with the sentiment. T and A might be fine and even welcomed, but not if it's trying to cover a crappy script.

Yes, except for Baywatch.

Except for that she's the cutest girl on the show, I don't understand the interest in Hoshi. She never does anything, why should we care about her?

The Trek character tradition comes from having three or four main character interactions, with satellite characters enhancing the setting and adding color. In TOS, it was the Kirk, McCoy, Spock thing; TNG has Picard, Riker, Data (with Worf becoming a strong 4th later on in the show); DS9 drifted away from the Trek format in every way including this dynamic; while Voyager briefly tried to return to it with Janeway, Chakotay, Tores and Paris (this was disrupted with 7 of 9).

It seems Enterprise is trying to bring this back with Archer, T'Pol, and Tripp.

I'm not upset with the "underuse" of Mayweather, Malcom, or Hoshi just as I'm not "upset" with the "underuse" of Scotty, Chekov, or Uhura. These are all minor characters.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

I understand that there are major and minor characters, I just don't agree on which ones they chose to be the major and minor characters. And I guess I'm the only one who likes Reed. Oh well.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

I like Reed. But then he's English, and likes to blow things up. And comes from a wet navy family. Being English as well, with a fondness for explosions and various military hardware and traditions, it's good to see an Englishman who isn't the Big Evil Man. However, maybe that's a future plot twist...

Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

I admire the gutsiness of Blalock's comments. They're almost Jerry Doyle quality. However, she should at least be thankful that her T&A factor allowed her the three years it took for her to learn to act.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

I read the intervie last night. It was refreshing, and she comes accross as much more intellegent than she did in the average Maxim interview.

But yeah, her T+A factor was a big reason she got the part. Biting the hand that feeds you is never a good idea in Hollywood.

The actor who played Chakotay in Voyager was the same, IIRC.

She predicted this would be Enterprises last year. No bad thing if you ask me...
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

I'm unfamiliar with the "Chakotay thing" that's been referenced. Can and will someone brief me on it?
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

From my very opinionated opinion:

Chakotay was the most interesting character on "Voyager"... at first. :rolleyes:

Native American history, intresting background and currently on a spiritual quest, or at least was very spiritual. A member of the Maquis.

And what did they do with this brilliant beginning? NOTHING. :rolleyes: He got nothing to do of any substance that I recall for the vast majority of the show.

He complained about it after a time (I don't know starting when). The situation did not improve. I suspect complaining in private but not public would have worked better.

That's it as I remember it, perhaps someone else can correct me or give more details.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

Thats pretty much it. Like much of Voyager, it was very underused.

By the end he turned every interview and con appearence into an attack on B+B and paramount, IIRC.

He also got annoyed with the lack of originality and plot development, but it was mainly due to the fact his character got next to no screentime and love.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

Was it only near the end he publicly complained?

If so, he was far more patient than I would have been.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

I think he complained about the last two years or so. He also stated that the last minute Chakotay/Seven of Nine romance was ridiculous and came out of nowhere in an effort to tie up threads before the series ended.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

If he didn't complain until the last 2 years, I'd say he was pretty damned patient with them.
Re: Blalock Blasts \'Enterprise\' Executives

As much as I agreed with Beltran, he came across as a petulant whiner in most of his comments. Blalock sounds frustrated, but not in a "I'm so much better than this crap" way that Beltran sounded.