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B5 Movies Box set mixed up discs?


New member
I just 'Rented' Babylon 5 A Call To Arms from Netflix.
They are listing each individual movie instead of the whole set but the discs are labeled Disc 1,2,3, etc...

Strange, the disc says A CALL TO ARMS DISC 3 but it actually contains the movie THIRDSPACE!

Anyone seen this problem on the store bought box set?

The disc is labeled (printed by the manufacturere) FOR RENTAL ONLY so maybe it's only related to the rental DVDs?

I wonder which disc acually contains A Call To Arms?
Maybe if I rent Thirdspace I'll get it...?
Disc 3 *IS* Thirdspace. A Call to Arms is Disc 5. Sounds like a Netflix mistake more than an actual packaging mistake.
Funny, I had exactly the same problem! (And just posted about it on rastbefivum, none the less.) I ordered ACtA, GOT what appeared to be A Call to Arms, but it was actually Thirdspace. It says it is disc three, but lists the title as A Call to Arms. Apparently a selective misprint. I so far cannot tell which movie is really ACtA, but if someone finds out, please tell. It'd probably be faster just too call Netflix customer service, though. It's what I'll be a-doing tomorrow.