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B5 Magazines

I'm sure that eveyone knows that the B5 magazines have been out of print for awhile now. But are they worth tracking down? I know that there are at least two "volumes" of them. So if they are worth tracking down, how many volumes are there and how many issues are in each volume?
If you go to here a complete list of the magazines is given, with a brief description of the contents of each
They are exceptional fanzines, but I don't know if they're particularly worth tracking down and spending lots of money on. The only ones I'd suggest going out of your way for, if you're interested, are the ones with the short stories in them (#22-#24).
It's worth tracking down at least one of them because my picture is on the letter's page.

I also get a mention in the news section in another issue :p
My magazine collection is packed away at the moment, but I'm pretty sure my photo is in the issue with Sheridan on the cover. Was it number one of volume 2?

The issue when I'm mentioned in the news section is later. I come just under a piece about a cat that had kittens on set or something.

Sorry I can't be more specific :(
That's pretty damn cool! What were you mentioned in the news section for? Can someone scan the article or transcribe the text who has the mag?

I was kicking myself for not buying the whole set, I have most but missed the ones with JMS' stories, and only found out afterwards, when they were no longer available!! I was sooooo annoyed. They are great mags. I don't suppose anyone has some spare copies ...
Looks expensive at first glance but, since there are 33 issues, that comes to just a little over $6.00 per issue. Not bad; I think I paid more than that for each issue last year as I was hunting around the internet for them. :(

But, I'm glad I have them all. ;)
There was one other magazine devoted solely to B5. I remember buying the first Babylon 5 magazine in 1996. To my knowledge, it was a special one issue only mag that was probably testing the waters to see if B5 could sell as a monthly mag. I think it came out in May or June of 1996 (I was on vacation in Florida when I bought it at a bookstore). I don't remember the publisher, but I don't think it was Titan Books (may be wrong on that). Sheridan was on the cover.

I've still got it, but it's buried somewhere in a pile of boxes and I don't have time to look for it right now. I liked it even better than the Titan Books mags. For one thing, it was the normal size for mags in the U.S. (not page count,but dimensions). The Titan Books mags were bigger and harder to store in boxes (for me anyway).

Does anyone else have this one or remember seeing it?
Perhaps you're referring to "The Official 'Babylon 5' Collector's Magazine." There's a picture of Sheridan with an over-lay of 'Explore TV's Intersellar Space Saga.'
Yeah, that sounds right. I'm too lazy to hunt for my copy, so I'll say you're right.

I remember at the time thinking that issue might be the only B5 magazine ever published (since I didn't see any more for a year or more after that). Little did I know that a new series would start up the next year in the UK (and later in the US). I wonder why that one issue is overlooked so much?