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Is there any b5 chat rooms around? because i cant seem to find any. I want to talk B5! thanks :)
Hi, there, MM. The B5 chat room is currently residing at paradise.trutopia.net in a room that Derian created called #B5TV

I am currently using Pirch to connect to the chat room. We usually have chats at this time of the year around Saturday 2:30 Eastern time (EDT).

I can get some people who know more about this to help you out if you need more information. But I'm pretty sure I just use the server paradise.trutopia.net and then after it connects type in /join #B5TV

Derian also created another room but I'm guessing from memory on this one. Something like ZHA_Ha_Dum2

If RW were still around, or GKKR, they'd be able to correct me on that one.

In any event, PM me if you need more help than this. I usually check in here once a week, but I'll look more often to see if you need any help. I know Chilli (Chillbeserker) is the one who helped me when trutopia was down. I'm still rather new to chat clients. :eek:
It's z_ha_dum2. We're usually only there late in the evenings. Anything goes there. Serious. Stupid. Harvey Birdman. Anything.
Thanks for the help :) im sure i will be able to connect using mirc. thanks again i will try it when i get home :)

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