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Anime music videos


Are there a lot of anime fans here?
I'm done waching Evangelion. There's only one plot point I'm totally unable to understand (won't go into that just now).

There's a live action movie in preproduction with Weta Digital doing concept art.

If you've ever seen an episode of Evangelion, you should see this Alternate EVA opening (19.8 MB DivX) Less spoilers than you'll find in a trailer.

Funnier but with A MOUNTAIN OF SPOILERS: NERV Evening News :LOL:

Evangelion Rhapsody, both serious and funny. Fits well. EVEN MOORE SPOILERS: Gives away the ending. ShonenProductions-EvangelionOpus.mpg, 85 MB PG-13 SPOILERS
Funniest parts: First "Easy come", and "Galileo!"

For you going "OK, I don't want to buy a cartoon, but what's this series about?", there's SPOILERS! a synopsis here :LOL:
Isn't James Cameron's next movie supposed to be a live action version of Battle Angel somthing or other.

Not to up on my Anime, i'm afraid.
I enjoyed Trigun, but unless you count the more mainstream Spirited Away as anime that's all I've really seen.

Well, that and Akira, which was just weird.
Akira sort of turned me off anime. Though I thought I understood the story, I found it too violent (and I'm not usually squeemish).
The thing about anime is that you'll find everything from kids' shows, sit-coms and action to hyperviolence and animated porn.
Myazaki movies like Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro (the mispronounced troll) are a good starting point for families.
Princess Mononoke is good for above-12 adventure.

Akira is not for kids. Probably not for me either, but I'll maybe see it later.

Ghost in the Shell is on my shelf ready to be watched.
I've heard NGE was good stuff, except for the way the series ended, though later more stuff was made to rectify it.

CB was what really turned me on to anime, but then again that's not surprising these days. What's really catching my attention is Detective Conan. (Case Closed here in the US on AS) THAT is really good. But then again I've always been a fan of Matlock, Perry Mason, and stuff like those, so it's not surprising. The Big O's probably next on my list of Anime DVDs. I hear Trigun can be pricy.
except for the way the series ended
I can understand how the viewers in Japan reacted. For the series, imagine the end of the Shadow war, except you only get to see what's going on in Delenn's and Sheridan's heads. With a lot less exposition.
The movie End of Evangelion shows what happens in the outside world, but brings up one or two "What?" for me.
JMS berated himself for all the exposition in "Z'ha'dum", but Anno goes for cryptic, and likes to keep secrets about what happens, except that the main character is Anno himself. That, and all the religious symbolism, result of all sorts of things being read into it, from Anno's life to the Asian history of economics. :LOL:

CB was what really turned me on to anime
So the hype was true. Amazing :D The series, or the movie?
Cowboy Bebop has some cool music, and I believe there might be some videos for some of the songs, but I don't really remember.
I havent watched much anime..I've seen Robotech:The Macross Saga many times. I have it on DVD. I've seen Akira and Ghost in the Shell..both of which I enjoyed. I've heard good things about Cowboy Beebop and want to see it. I have the soundtrack for Robotech on cd. :p
Some of my best friends are into anime, and so I catch their peripheral interests (I returned the favor by converting them to B5). I enjoyed the few Cowboy Bebop episodes I've seen, and I forgot to mention Ruroni Kenshin. But I have to say that I prefer to watch anime for the visual beauty -- there's more out there than you might imagine -- and occasionally for the plots. The dialogue is pretty forgettable.

Oh, and I've seen some Blue Gender, but I saw that at a very messed-up time in my life and it got confusing. Didn't help that I missed a lot of episodes.
Oh, and I've seen some Blue Gender, but I saw that at a very messed-up time in my life and it got confusing. Didn't help that I missed a lot of episodes.

I liked BG. It started off slowly with the proverbially whiny Yuji, but that quickly changes. The ending to the first 26 was a bit off, I think. I haven't caught the next 12 after that or that new DVD that just came out. Overall, though, it was pretty good. Funimation managed to not screw it up as badly as they did with some of their other series.
Yes indeedy. And let's not forget a favorite of mine, Fist of the North Star. It's not exactly a masterpiece in terms of deep storytelling, but there's plenty of exploding heads! YES. And that's ALL we need.

And Excel Saga. That show has it all, from afros and small, cute aliens bent on.... doing something, to Space Butler, all the way to Pedro, the immigrant construction worker who has a GRAND adventure. And there's also screaming.

And let us not forget stuff like Witch Hunter Robin, Hellsing, Wolf's Rain, Android Kikaider, etc., none of which I will discuss since I ran out of things to say aside from generic "I LURVE IT" comments.
My favorite is Cowboy Bebop. I came across it when I was getting fed up with regular TV & its' obsession with reality shows & bad sitcoms. I think that Bebop would be a great live action series. I also really like RahXephon, Wolf's Rain, Samurai Champloo, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Witch Hunter Robin, Hellsing...the list goes on & on. :D

.... Well, that is true. It almost seemed like it could have captured the essence of the first 13's overall story. Except it's hard to accomplish such a task in 4 episodes. It did have SOME merit, though. Some.
Well.... yeah. I think it actually didn't hit its stride until the last part. Maybe. It's been awhile since I saw those four. Still need to get the DVD as well, just to round out the collection and all.
Thanks for the suggestions. I've just gotten the first DVDs of Gasaraki and rahXephon. They seem to be good in different ways. Gasaraki goes for magic in acheivable future, while rahXephon is a sci-fi reminiscent of Evangelion but with robots that use song as a weapon.
I promised myself that I'd buy just one the series, but it'll be tough to resist. :LOL:
And since my first post, I've joined an Anime club at my university.
/me Becomming an otaku