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A thought from a drunken man



Okay here's a thought from a drunken, tired finnish man. Babylon 5 started what 5, 6 perhaps 8(?) years ago?
And does it look old in the star trek way? NO! It's still as fresh =)
Luckily for us, B5 wasn't designed to be ULTRAmordern that way STTNG was. It's not really that far in the future and the changes are only subtle, more realistic, and ultimately more convincing.
agreed, TOS is 36 years old, yet alot of people still find it good, and SW4 is 25 years old, and the same with it.
Ohh, I thought SW4 marvelous...but what I was viewing was the redone version that was done a couple years ago. It didn't look as "dinosaurish" as it could have.

Who knows, though, in 16 years, B5 may just look outlandish, at least with the CGI.
B5 looking outlandish in 16 years? Maybe for the some of the CGI in the pilot and Season 1, but I think the rest will hold up just fine. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
IMHO Voyager looks more dated then B5. Why? Because Trek is about the technology. Babylon 5 is about the characters, it's just by chance a SciFi show. And since the technology is not what the Series is about, the technology does not get that much attention in Trek.
About Special effects, makeup etc: A few things look terribly Dated (Example: The entering pod in the Gathering. The Psi Corps head quarters seen in Epiphanies and others. Earth Dome as seen "In the beginning" (It looked very cool in Matters of Honor - they still had different sopecial effect people back then), the makeup in the gathering) but in general they did a great job considering their budget. Makeup is a lot better then in other TV shows because they usually just had the better ideas - Realistic Ideas like the Minbari and the Narn. Star Trek (I like the show, hey, but I need to bash something down to elevate B5 /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif) seems like every alien just had new doodles on its forehead. sometimes these aliens just look so plain damned stupid (remember the guy in DS9 who had a ridge on his nose that went over his head and was connected to his chin? What poing does this ridge have except making eating, talking and lots of other things hard?