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a sinking feeling


just went on the t3 website (terminator 3) and i am getting a feeling that it is gonna blow , wich is the same feeling i had when hearing about mib2 , I just hope this time my instinct is wrong ...
I had the same thought about Daredevil... thankfully I was proven 100% wrong, so I no longer have problems discounting my gut feeling on movies
I never pay much attention to what people say about movies anymore. I mean everyone has different tastes and opinions. You get so many people that absolutely love a movie and then you get so many that find it horrible. If I have an interest in a movie, I'll go see it, despite what others say about it. Hell, I mean there are some people that thought Powder was a terrible movie.
Same here, all the people that saw it, only a retarded blonde liked it, and only because she was staring at that fool Affleck.
^ Yeah. It's not like it's necessary. I thought T2 was supposed to have put a bullet into any other movies. Arnie must have needed the work.

Oh, and I thought Daredevil was pretty good.

Admiral Dave
Sinclair wrote: *Hell, I mean there are some people that thought Powder was a terrible movie.*

You mean, people actually watched Powder??
I admit, I saw it back in high school. My mom or dad rented it, and having never seen any previews for it or knowing in the slightest what it was about, I watched it with them. In my opinion, it was a terrible movie, although I'm sure there are people out there that liked it.
I watched it when it came out on video. However with some of the more, I guess "mainstream" hollywood movies these kind of movies can either have 1 of 2 endings:
1) the person disappears completely never to be heard from again
2) they die
Of course this isn't always the case in such movies...but I guess what I'm saying is that at the time I remember enjoying the movie.