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24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Season Finale(Spoilers)


Did the end remind anyone of Kosh from "The Gathering." As soon as I saw her and she shook his hand, Bingo I knew what is was.

Re: 24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 (Spoilers)

Sadly it did not remind me of "The Gathering" as it should have. And Tamlyn Tomita was there and everything :eek: Bad me! No B5 for a week! But I was totally distracted by the returning of my favourite braless mercenatrix -- Mandy! Actually I was distracted by trying to figure out who the baddy that MiniMax activitated was. I even suspected Michelle and Kim. Yeah, Kim :p And that ugly suspecion totally ruined that Aw!-worthy Tony-Michelle moment for me, but wait! they wouldn't saddle Tony with the treacherous co-worker/girlfriend again. Then Mandy shows up and it's like they've gone full circle from Day 1. Brilliant! Jack'll probably spend the first half of the next Day kicking himself for allowing a pesky torture-drug-death induced heart condition keep him from saving Palmer.

I must say I really enjoyed Lady Mac this hour: from her ambiguity to her righteous indignation to her lipstick. She was perfect, and I hope they bring her back for the third Day. Same with Tony and Michelle and La Chapelle just so's Tony and Michelle can kick him around some more.

BTW did ya'll notice the beautiful mise en scene in the Marie scene? The way the lighting made her look almost alien with her hair and face all glowy white and her eyes all black. And then how her reflection merged with Kate through the plexiglass. Dude :cool: As for that safety crack -- well du-uuuh! Once you get mixed up with the Bauer Bunch you can kiss all your pretty illusions of safety buh-bye.

All in all: good stuff. I just hope Jack has sent Kim off to a maximum security boarding school in Sweden by the time the next Day rolls around.
Re: 24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 (Spoilers)

I was looking forward to this all day. I recorded it and started watching at 9:15- the perfect time to watch it without commercials but see it as early as possible (and still catch the end of the Nets game). I hunkered down with some Chinese food and enjoyed the best 44 minutes of TV this year.

Unfortunately, I was also interrupted by a roommate who wanted to do laundry (the laundry room is connected to my room. but she was wearing a nice little skirt, so that made up for it), my father calling, and my buddy pestering. :rolleyes: No one talks to me all day, then everybody bothers me during the season finale of 24. Figures.

Anyway- Mandy, yes! She's so hot and evil, I love her.

The Big Bad Guy on the Yacht (BBGY) promised that the war would start that day, no? How is killing the president going to do that? And does this mean that the next season will start the next second? That'll be weird.

This ep had the best fight scene I've seen in a TV show- Bauer vs that dude right before he encountered the evil oil guy. It was both exciting and realistic.

The Palmers were in fine form as well. David was kinder with Cabinet than most of us would have been, but man did he give it to Mike. Sherry was great as always- my 2nd favorite of the series since the beginning.
Re: 24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 (Spoilers)

I was thrilled by this as well.

I was expecting at the begining of the episode for this to be the last we saw of Sherry Palmer. I figured the drama would be the President having to hear her get the evidence and her getting killed to save him --- have to admit, it would have been a powerful ending.

It was a suprise that she made it out alive though! I really liked how she was so nervous, and so scared to be doing this, yet when she got in front of Kingsly, she slipped RIGHT into her manipulative character with ease. Hey, it comes natural for her. :)

I also thought highly of what the President did to his Vice Pres and the cabinet members. It was a very noble thing to do, and he had a point: At a time like they just had, and with what the country is going through, the citizens didnt need a scandal where the Vice Pres and half the cabinet resign. Talk about causing instability. I did like his talk with Mike though. Mike did come through in the end, but you could tell he was soooo disappointed with the fact that Mike turned on him after all their years together. Long time friends are the hardest to forgive in times like that.

And just when things were wrapping up to be a happy ending, you got the feeling they were going to target the President, and they did. :( It was cool though how they brought things full circle again and Mandy was there.

As for next season, I dont know what to expect. I really hope Palmer isnt dead, and that the episode revolves around a way to save him. Partially because he is the type of President we all wish we had, partially because you hate to see such a great character depart from a series, but mostly because I think I will miss Dennis Haysbert's performances. IMO he has delivered some of the best performances in the first 2 seasons of the series.

Either way, we have several months to talk about the possibilities.
Re: 24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 (Spoilers)

I thought it was a great episode and a great way to end the season. Personally, when I thought that she was going to shoot Palmer so I was trying to think of how she could have gotten past all that secret service. I knew something was going to happen to him when they shook hands, but I just wasn't sure what.

I really thought Sherry was going to die after her somewhat noble redemption. I wonder what's going to happen with her next season. After all she was being taken into custody.

I'm sorry to see Mike go but he really should have stuck by Palmer's side through the end no matter what. I knew Palmer wasn't going to accept Prescott and the other cabinet members' resignations.

I'm not really sure what the next day will hold and I'm wondering just where they're going to pick up. I look forward to seeing it though.
Re: 24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 (Spoilers)

I think Mike got a raw deal. He tried to be cool with Palmer up until the situation was out of his hands. He warned him like fifty times that he thought he was making the wrong move. If anybody should have gotten the axe it was Prescott. He's the one that started it.

Even though the episode was excellent overall, I have to say I'm disappointed with the fact that they decided to go with a cliffhanger ending. It's like they knew this year wasn't as good as last's and needed a hook to keep people interested. My guess is that the next day will be 48 hours later - Jack may be a superhero, but he can't save the world from a hospital bed.

And the thing with the chick at the end was... odd. I thought at first, she was trying to get a DNA sample or fingerprints of the president to implicate him in something. But I'm guessing he's just been infected, not killed.
Re: 24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 (Spoilers)

. I thought at first, she was trying to get a DNA sample or fingerprints of the president to implicate him in something

That was the first thing that I thought of once I realized that she wasn't going to shoot him. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it was she poisoned or infected him with. I'm pretty sure he's not gonna die, but who knows. This show has so many twists and turns.
Re: 24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 (Spoilers)

His hand looked like it was burned at least it did to me. My initial guess is it could have been some sort of flesh eating bacteria kind of thing. I dont know if hes dead or not, but from his quick reaction, I would assume death would come rather quickly. I guess we wont know for sure until we see if Dennis Haysbert is cast for the next season. :)
Re: 24 twist 7:00 - 8:00 (Spoilers)

I think Mike got a raw deal. He tried to be cool with Palmer up until the situation was out of his hands. He warned him like fifty times that he thought he was making the wrong move. If anybody should have gotten the axe it was Prescott. He's the one that started it.

I disagree with this assessment. The Vice President and the Cabinet members all have portforlios and responsibilities with respect to the country independent of the President. Mike was a personal aid to the President. His responsibility and duty was to the President personally (in the absense of orders that are actually illegal). Prescott et al showed poor judgement. However, when Mike specifically kept information from the President and then gave willfully incomplete testimony to the Cabinet (while it was true, as far as it went, that Mike did not hear what Stanton ha said; he should have pointed out that Palmer came out of that room with pertinant information that he had not had when he went in) he became the only one who actually went against the duties and responsibilities of his job description.