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    Who's around

    I still check in from time to time. I'll probably still be here when you turn off the lights. :>)
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    In Memory Still Bright: Mira Furlan

    Wow. Words fail me. So many taken from us too soon. Mira was one of the brightest stars in our sky. And now she rests in a place where no shadows fall.
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    Is it time to go beyond the rim?

    Hello, Markas and all First Ones. I only check in here once or twice a year to see if anything new has been posted, or whenever one of the cast crosses beyond the rim. We can always start a private/members only page on Facebook. That seems to be where everyone hangs out these days. It will be...
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    RIP Jerry Doyle

    A sad day among many such days. Thanks for the memories, Jerry. We'll see you beyond The Rim.
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    B5 Feature Film to be scriptedTRUE! There will be a feature film going into productio

    I haven't been around for a while, but I'm glad I checked in this evening. A new B5 film is great news, especially with the level of film making technology available today. I'd be perfectly OK with new characters and a re-imagined story, but while sitting in that darkened theater I'd be...
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    Favorite BSG Characters?

    Call me crazy, but I’m digging Number 6. And it’s not because she’s a DDG blonde (although that doesn’t hurt). There’s always something going on behind her eyes. You can see it in her expression when Baltar is being resistant to her demands. You know she has her orders, but you can see that...
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    Favorite recurring character: All seasons

    Catherine Sakai did not recur often enough, if you ask me. :devil:
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    A Call to Arms: Fighting for the original cast

    You Da Man, Joe. My letter went out with Monday’s mail (1/10/2005). “Joe DeMartino is always right. I will listen to Joe DeMartino. I will not ignore Joe DeMartino’s recommendations. Joe DeMartino is God.” :D
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    Episode Judging: The Wrong Side of Popular Opinion

    I would venture to say that most of the episodes contain something that adds to the overall story arc in some way, either in the dialogue or the visuals, the A plot or the B plot. JJ says he liked TKO. I do, as well. While a lot of fans think it’s not a great episode, there was a big ol’ shot...
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    Re: G\'Kar...Afraid? Hypatia wrote: *Ah, then I suppose he missed out on his only opportunity.* And perhaps that is an answer to my original question. A lesson learned - that small fears stand in the way of our enlightenment.
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    Re: G\'Kar...Afraid? Good points all around. When this question first occurred to me, I thought G’Kar’s ghost might have been Kosh, too, since he’d been touched by Kosh during Dust. I just don’t see how a strong, fearless character like G’Kar could be so skittish about a ghostly visitation...
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    G\'Kar...Afraid? A thought occurred to me as I watched Day of the Dead. I don’t think there is a correct answer to the question, but here it is: Who was G’Kar so afraid of seeing that night? It seems to me that his was a character that saw plenty of demons in real time, so he wouldn’t need...
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    The merits of Byron

    Heh. :lol: Well done, Antony. C'mon, now. Byron wasn't ALL bad. There was that last scene where he erupted in a huge ball of flame. THAT was good, right?
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    Jerry Doyle, radio star!

    Jerry also subbed for Michael Savage on 3/18/2004. I caught some of the show on my way to work. In all honesty, I enjoyed JD much more than I do Savage himself. Savage has an obnoxious tendency to scream at his callers - even the ones with whom he agrees. Jerry doesn't do that. :cool:
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    Diamond in the Ruff

    Quick...Someone grab a net. Markas is talking to himself! :lol:
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    The Passion of the Christ (ya knew it was coming!)

    Re: The Passion of the Christ (ya knew it was comi I was intrigued enough by the film to crack open my Bible, which I admit is something I haven’t done often enough recently, to re-read the Gospels. Gibson was remarkably true to a lot of what is written in them, but Satan wasn’t overtly...
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    The Passion of the Christ (ya knew it was coming!)

    My GF and I saw the film yesterday (Sunday) at a late afternoon showing. We had wanted to see the 4 pm showing, but it was sold out when we arrived at 3 pm for tickets, so we saw the 5pm showing. The multiplex we went to (suburban Pittsburgh) was running two screens for each time slot, and all...
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    The economics of DVD

    Joe: I knew, intellectually, that such an idea would be both expensive and labor-intensive. But a guy can dream, can’t he? Hypatia: I bought a DVD copy of the “restored” version of Metropolis, which was reconstructed in much the same manner as the film you mentioned. It was very interesting...
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    Open Range (SPOILERS)

    I’ll admit that Costner’s work has blown hot and cold over the years. But I’ve liked several of his films very much, often in spite of co-stars I disagreed with politically, directors I thought were loopy, etc. Here’s the short list: For Love of the Game – you can’t beat a good baseball...
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    The economics of DVD

    I'd like to see a menu path that would allow me to integrate the "deleted scenes" seamlessly back into the film. I also tend to wait for the dvd to come out, rather than fighting crowds of people in uncomfortable theaters. Although the point about the opening scene of SW:ANH is well taken.