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    Poll: What about the Crusade DVDs?

    My copy of Crusade arrived from Loaded247.com, I returned it immediately and I've now received a refund on my credit card. As suggested, I then wrote to WB Home Video explaining that my action was a direct protest at their apalling treatment of JMS ref his commentary, and NOT a comment on the...
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    Poll: What about the Crusade DVDs?

    My copy has been despatched from Canada and is on it's way. I intend to return it to the retailer as soon as it arrives and ask for a refund. I realize that legally WB didn't mislead anyone (as it was JMS who said his TNT comments would be on the DVD, not WB), but it is my SMALL protest at...
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    Crusade DVD's

    Re: Crusade DVD\'s Interesting idea to return the DVDs as defective because there was an "implied promise" to tell the TNT ( :mad:) story. Unfortunately, the WB defence is obvious........The implied promise was NOT made by WB, but by JMS. :rolleyes: So even theoretically, it wouldn't fly. What...
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    Crusade In The UK? Any Dates?

    As S5 is out in January, and the movie box set is due in Feb, A good guess would be Crusade in March?? :(
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    Kosh was 7th most popular alien...

    Number 1 was False Maria from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. :rolleyes: The Terminator got number 2. My personal favourite, "Marvin the Paranoid Android" was in there somewhere. But what do I know??? I mean I only have a brain the size of a planet and it's all SO depressing. :lol:
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    Kosh was 7th most popular alien...

    Mmmmmm, I mentioned this on the Warner Bros board a few days ago. I didn't give them the entire list for two reasons; As most fans reading it there are American, I wasn't sure if they'd ever HEARD of Zaphod or Maya, :confused: and even I have to say, there are some VERY strange...
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    Any easter eggs in B5 Movies DVD??

    I've had the R1 set since its release and searched for any bloopers or hidden gag reels. No luck! :rolleyes: Unless someone knows different, I'm assuming that they aren't there. :confused:
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    Movies Set - UK

    Warner UK causes yet another boost in the sales of multi-region players!! :p
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    B5 Custom DVD Cover Art

    Congratulaions Ric........Great Job. You're NOT having to go back to the drawing board now because of Crusade are you???? :( :lol: :lol: (Now if a talented FAN can manage something that good, I wonder why the massed brains of WB marketing dept can't?? :rolleyes:)
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    Crusade DVDs announced

    This is obviously a minority view on this board, I'm disappointed the set has NOT been converted to 16:9, I'm disappointed the packaging is yet another shade of blue, I'm disappointed the RRP is so high! Maybe it's just me huh?? :rolleyes:
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    Is there any way to get the LOTR on dvd?

    As far as I know the LOTR has never been issued anywhere on DVD. I bought an Australian, PAL, VHS copy on Ebay. Apart from a pirate by someone with a DVD recorder, therefore, you'll just have to wait for WB to release it. :( It's only TV movie length so we might get some good commentaries and...
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    B5 TV Movie DVD Set Release Info (August 17th)

    My R1, 5 disc Movie Set arrived in the post this morning :D :D One loose disc but no scratches. Standard R1 packaging that's the same size as all the season sets......My cup runneth over! :lol: MULTIREGION RULES!!! (WB UK can kiss my arse! :p)
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    B5 TV Movie DVD Set Release Info (August 17th)

    I'd noticed that some web retailers are advertising it's released on August 16th while others are saying September 27th!! Is that the reason? Cause it's been put back?? :mad:
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    B5: The Movies available for pre-order on Amazon

    Just found out that my set was posted from Canada, yesterday!......YAY :D :D
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    The long waiting

    I realize this is probably a sexist comment.....But the thought "Two women trying to cook something in the same kitchen" occurs to me!! :lol: :lol: (I.E.-recipe for disaster!)
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    No replacement for R. Biggs

    Far better (and probably easier, anyway) to replace a ships Doctor with another one than to replace such a loved and well known actor with a "duplicate". :(
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    Does anyone know the S5 R2 Release date?!?!

    Can I suggest to GeoKuutio (and anyone else condsidering buying R1 sets) That you check out www.loaded247.com . They seem to be based on Jersey, and import from Canada. The main point is that THEY pay any import duty and not the customer. Don't ask me how they do that but they do. After getting...
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    B5 movie DVD Box in Uk only 3 movie?

    All true, I'm afraid. On August 16th, a THREE disc R2 set is released. The next day, a FIVE disc R1 set is released in the US. The logic to this is that the two movies missing from the R2 set (The Gathering and In The Beginning) have been released over here previously (although without the...
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    Does anyone know the S5 R2 Release date?!?!

    Couldn't agree more. With the decisions WBUK have made recently (Huge delays, inferior movie box-set releases, change of packaging half way through the series) I can't see WHY anyone insists on sticking/waiting on R2 releases. :eek:
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    Latest From JMS

    Re: They guessed the acronym. "MY BRAIN HURTS"!! It's incredible, really. I'm old enough to have watched Monty Python when it was FIRST shown on British TV :lol: and here we are in 2004 quoting the sacred "Parrot Sketch"! I once acted out the entire sketch, on stage, at the end of a business...