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  1. maneth

    RIP Michael Ansara (Elric)

    Good on you for mentioning B5. Sadly, seems to me that only Star Trek is sufficiently known among non-sci-fi fans to be mentioned in obits. Most obits for Michael O'Hare seemed to omit B5 even though Sinclair was one of his biggest acting roles.
  2. maneth

    RIP Michael Ansara (Elric)

    Michael Ansara, perhaps best known for his Star Trek role as Kang and to Babylon 5 fans as the technomage Elric, has died at the age of 91. Variety.com
  3. maneth

    Passing of Michael O'Hare

    Such sad news indeed. I just rewatched War Without End a few days ago too... My tribute:
  4. maneth

    Babylon 5 Characters

    My two absolute favorites are Ivanova and Franklin. Garibaldi is also pretty good. G'kar is my favorite among the aliens, mainly because he changes so much, there's real character development there.
  5. maneth

    Stephen Furst ?

    He's been doing mostly TV movies and shorts lately. Last thing I saw him in was Scrubs, as Dr. Franklyn. :lol:
  6. maneth

    What are you watching now?

    Currently on a B5 rewatch, yesterday I watched Point of No Return, Severed Dreams and Ceremonies of Light and Dark...
  7. maneth

    Upconverting Babylon 5 DVD's to 1080i/1080p?

    I'm currently on a rewatch of the DVDs on a PS3 / fullHD system. The show was originally shot on film rather than videotape, so most shots convert nicely and are lovely and sharp. However, any FX intense scenes are much more blurry. It's particularly noticeable in scenes that were shot against a...
  8. maneth

    A Thought About the Vorlons

    The Minbari eventually reach the same status as humans do, becoming more Vorlon-like, although whether that happens before, after, or around the same time as for humans, that's hard to say. Of course, there are at least two humans who reach that state before the rest of us do, Jason Ironheart...
  9. maneth

    RIP Jeff Conaway

    Another good one gone. :( It's such a shame that he never managed to overcome his demons. My tribute...
  10. maneth

    RIP Jeff Conaway

    Re: Jeff Conaway our prayers are with you I hope he can manage to recover from this. :( The Hollywood Reporter
  11. maneth

    Favorite Susan Ivanova quote

    I have two: No boom today!!!!! Boom tomorrow. Always boom tomorrow... BOOM!!! "I am Susan Ivanova, Commander. Daughter of Andre and Sophie Ivanov. I am the right hand of vengeance and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart! I am death...
  12. maneth

    Logical Insanity

    Time travel gives me a headache...
  13. maneth

    Telepaths ---season 5 -- how do you rate them?

    I never liked the telepath arc much, and Byron only made things worse. I just wanted Bester to come and take them away most of the time.
  14. maneth

    Favourite minor character?

    Cartagia. He's so totally, adorably nuts!
  15. maneth

    Babylon 5 Station in Lego

    Indeed. Particularly since one of the other options is a planet seen from space... Other than that niggle, it looks cool!
  16. maneth

    Andrew Koenig is missing

    This is just sad beyond words. My thoughts are with his family and everyone who knew him.
  17. maneth

    Andrew Koenig is missing

    From Walter Koenig's website: Andrew Koenig, the son of Star Trek [and Babylon 5] actor Walter Koenig, is missing. The last time Andrew Koenig was seen was on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrew Koenig never boarded his flight back to the US, and he...
  18. maneth

    Cool stuff throughout the show

    Re: Cool stuff in season 1 From the second time I watched B5, I noticed how Delenn was building the support for the triluminary she used in Crysalis whenever they'd show her in her quarters. This from about midway in the 1st season.
  19. maneth

    The Most Annoying Guest Character In B5?

    Brad Dourif is a fine actor, but I admit I didn't like the character very much either. Even though I loved him as Grima in LotR and Dr. Cochran in Deadwood.
  20. maneth

    Teep homeworld

    This is really interesting! The problem with the Teeps in general and Byron in particular was that they couldn't think in the long term. Perhaps Draal could have been persuaded to host the Teeps until the Markab homeworld could be declared safe?