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    Life Rocks baby!!!!! Classic animated TV......

    Starblazers was the s**t when I was in third grade. I used to race home for that one. "There's only x days left..."
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    The No Speculation Thread - News Posts Only Please

    Re: Newsonly: JMS \"Can\'t Comment\" Comment Sounds like JMS confirming rumors without technically saying so. :(
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    Family Guy

    I noticed there was a brief edit on the Dradel episode last night - when Quagmire was <cough> reaching for his keys, he seemed to find them a little quicker than in the version on the DVD. I never noticed if they cut it on the Cartoon Network. Whatever happened to American Dad? Wasn't that...
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    Dr Who Trailer

    They don't call it a "teaser" for nothing.
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    The No Speculation Thread - News Posts Only Please

    Re: The No Speculation Thread - News Posts Only Pl
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    Doctor Who - it's official

    Re: Doctor Who - it\'s official
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    The No Speculation Thread - News Posts Only Please

    Well, it's nice to see that this thread is serving its purpose. :rolleyes: I just thought people might appreciate a thread where they could see if there was any actual news on the horizon without all the bullshit. I was wrong. Sue me.
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    "Today we lost Richard Biggs"

    Re: \"Today we lost Richard Biggs\" His scenes with Jason Carter were some of my favorite moments in the show. Any future B5 will be diminished for the loss.
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    Andromeda Season Finale <SPOILERS>

    I've just finished watching the 4th season finale and am a bit confused. I know the writers of Andromeda take liberies when it comes to explaining why things happened, but I'm afraid I'm at a loss here. The magog worldship FINALLY shows up, but doesn't really do much. There is one magog who...
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    Just how similar are DS9 and B5?

    And that's when I shot him Your Honor. :p
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    B5LotR airs tonight

    11pm on Scifi.
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    Enterprise: "Countdown"

    Re: Enterprise: \"Countdown\" I think we're bordering on fanwank territory here.
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    Enterprise: "Countdown"

    Re: Enterprise: \"Countdown\" Don't forget Voyager. According to the ep "The Raven", hoochie mama and her parents were assimilated when she was a little kid, presumably before the Q incident.
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    Rubbish on sci-fi...

    Sci-Fi does make some odd choices when making their orignal movies don't they? This one goes in the category for the inner 13-year-old-boy in all of us. :rolleyes:
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    B5 TV Movie DVD Set Release Info (August 17th)

    Now that I look closer, it IS different. They're just using the photo of the old one. My bad.
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    B5 TV Movie DVD Set Release Info (August 17th)

    Am I the only one who would rather have A Call to Arms as part of the Crusade set? I'd always thought that it was more of a pilot/series bridge for the new series, with Galen, Dureena and Lochley being main characters. It looks a lot like the one I expect most of us already own that will be...
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    Enterprise: "Countdown"

    Re: Enterprise: \"Countdown\" Logical. :p I don't know if you've been watching previous episodes, but there is also her "medical condition" to consider as well. In her current emotional state, she probably wouldn't be at all comfortable going back to Vulcan. I think the last few episodes...
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    A Ray of Hope for Trek Fans

    So they want to go against SciFi Friday, huh? :rolleyes: If Andromeda gets renewed, that would means it's Gene against Gene. Is is me, or is UPN's strategy to place Enterprise in a timeslot against a show that anybody interested in it would rather be watching? :confused:
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    The No Speculation Thread - News Posts Only Please

    If you're anything like me, you come here nearly every day to see if there is any news on the "new stuff" yet. You click on threads that might contain any new info and you are disappointed. There are already a handful of threads here and in the B5.related section where people have posted...
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    Just how similar are DS9 and B5?

    JMS always seems to have a more-than-healthy disrespect for authority, as is evident with his friction with TNT over Crusade and MGM over Jeremiah. He seems to me to be a producer who wants complete and utter control of his creations. I don't think that would be possible in the Trek franchise...