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  1. dreamer

    B5 Music

    The album had a running time close to an hour, and all the tracks are like that - sequenced pieces. They were all something like 10+ minutes a piece.
  2. dreamer

    B5 Music

    Been a while since I've been here. Few years prolly. EDIT: Hhehe, says here 2011. I suppose you guys have heard the soundtrack Franke supposedly did for a B5 game? I'm not sure if this is Franke or not, but bloody hell... This is one of the most amazing piece of music I've heard. Ever...
  3. dreamer

    RIP Jeff Conaway

    One of my favourite characters, right after Londo. Loved every scene of his. This is pretty awful, but you reap what you sow. Somehow I think that's something Zach would've agreed with. Still, man. Another one goes :(
  4. dreamer

    Futurama news

    I'm sure that the show is quite capable of picking up from where it left it. You just wait and see!
  5. dreamer

    Favourite minor character?

    Really? To me that'd be going from bad to worse. I didn't ever really learn to regard him as a real character. Just something that which was fun to throw in.
  6. dreamer

    Telepaths ---season 5 -- how do you rate them?

    I've had that "we all come together..." playing in my head this whole damn morning. I have a theory. The actors who played the telepaths acted that way because they hoped that they'd go unnoticed (and through that get paid) by the production crew and sent home because the whole damn idea stank...
  7. dreamer

    Bad Audio Mixing on B5 DVDs

    I have a stereo amplifier and I haven't really had any problems hearing or making out the dialog. Apart from the original soundwork, I mean. There are sections where the sound team failed quite miserably - the tone of the speech changes considerably as they move to a different set and the crew...
  8. dreamer

    Big B5 pictures?

    Not exactly. I referred to promotional material and such, taken with proper cameras. They'd have enough detail by default to be framed and hung on a wall.
  9. dreamer

    Favourite minor character?

    Is there a minor character in B5? Anyhow, I always liked Neroon, but like most of the listed "minor characters", they become pivotal in moving a certain plot forward, and thus becoming key characters.
  10. dreamer

    Crusade: Behind The Scenes

    Seems somewhat interesting, but I'd be a lot more interested on the actors' thoughts after the show tanked.
  11. dreamer

    Going for another rewatch. Playing a video game sort of inspired me to.

    I hope to get a swing at it sometime next week, but even the Keepers of the Citadel looked like Shadows. The first ME was a fantastic game even if it had it's problems (planet exploration sucked so bad and the inventory management was complete garbage). Periodically I find myself thinking how...
  12. dreamer

    What's your rewatching thoughts?

    Hahah, I'd forgotten about that! Oh JMS
  13. dreamer

    What's your rewatching thoughts?

    I've always liked those "bad episodes" since it's more B5 (even if they're abysmal) :) However, strangely enough I don't feel the same about the Crusade serie.
  14. dreamer

    What's your rewatching thoughts?

    Yeah, I'm just saying since it's the topic here. I would've really loved G'kar to be a villain - it would've been so easy to justify his constant meddlings, since he is an ambassador and B5 is an political stage also. I believe JMS if anyone could've cooked up a story for the viewers not to...
  15. dreamer

    Jeff Conaway injured in fall

    Oh noes :(
  16. dreamer

    Going for another rewatch. Playing a video game sort of inspired me to.

    Ha! So I wasn't the only one who started thinking about B5 while playing Mass Effect.
  17. dreamer

    What's your rewatching thoughts?

    I think G'kar became a comedic figure a bit too early on - or at least showed tendencies towards it. Was it the dock workers episode where he and Londo were rushed out from C&C by Sinclair? There were a stint of episodes around these parts where G'kar's earlier established features came down. It...
  18. dreamer

    If you could re-score B5...

    Can't be done. I'm sure that if you'd replace Franke's stuff with someone elses and show the show to someone who hasn't seen it before it'd work, but for the fans? A bit like talking about replacing Star Wars' music with something else. For me Franke's stuff is more like the ambience of the...
  19. dreamer

    Stargate Universe

    Wasn't there a small ship, disengaging from the uh... main ship that they're on? Maybe it skipped in front of them through a wormhole and all Rush needs to do is flick the switch and the ship automatically searches home etc! I really dislike this show. Waste of time. Give me a new proper show...
  20. dreamer

    Defying Gravity

    Didn't realize that there are un-aired episodes. Good stuff, maybe this gets picked up even!