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    Do You Like Byron?

    I believe the Markab homeworld was recently vacated.. Besides, we saw at least two earthlike planets in Crusade with tiny human colonies on them.
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    Do You Like Byron?

    I liked Byron, both the actor and the dialogue. What bothered me more about those early S5 episodes was that many of the regular cast started acting like they'd been lobotomised. Byron was a welcome diversion.
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    The Joker won't be back for the third new batman movie

    I've never seen any of his movies, but I was a little shaken because he was the same age as me. And I had been looking forward to the new Batman in any case as the previous one was quite decent. But it does sound like it was self-inflicted, even if it was a mistake.
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    IPX from Infection (And later)

    My memory is hazy, did Anna Sheridan and the team that dug up the shadow vessel on Mars actually work for IPX or were those digs just funded by them? If the latter, is it possible that IPX started out as a shell company that the EA bioweapons division used to provide funding for archaeological...
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    We all hate Byron, but...

    I like Byron.. Never had a problem with the character, hair, dialogue or actor. I'm not so keen on the string of episodes he appears in, but more because I think they're clunkily constructed, underambitious, and make poor use of the series regulars (especially Sheridan and Delenn), while more or...
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    "do not kill the one who is already dead" niggle

    Given how Sheridan spends so much time in 'In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum' running around shouting at everybody about how Morden is already dead, legally speaking, I assumed it was Morden right up until JMS contradicted it. And I think I agree with KoshFan that it makes more sense for it to be...
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    B5:TLT - Show Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    He did promise way way back that we would see the Vorlon homeworld in Series 5. Which, of course, we did.
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    Why Is Earthforce Still Using Star Furies?

    There are some pretty good storytelling reasons for the designs of the ships not to vary too much in those scenes.. If that establishing shot of 1,000 years ago had featured completely unrecognisable Minbari ships, the casual viewer might have ended up confused, especially as the glimpse we...
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    Notice How The Minbari Ship on DVD Looks Romulan?

    Yeah, I thought fish too, like the original Minbari ships. Only one of those tropical fish with whiskers, perhaps, instead of one of those tall skinny ones. Although from a distance the silhouette is maybe a little similar to the Scimitar from Star Trek: Nemesis..
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    Why Is Earthforce Still Using Star Furies?

    Why are they still using Starfuries? Well, the original Starfury cockpit happened to be among the few props that were still knocking around, and they were able to dust it off and transport it to Vancouver.. (Sorry, I know I'm not really getting into the spirit of this).
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    B5:TLT - Show Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    That contrivance to get him into a Starfury seemed a little strained - as if John McCain was elected President, then badgered by the press to fly to his inauguration in a Vietnam-era Skyhawk, and Prince Harry flew his wing because he once read a book about US jet planes..
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    B5:TLT - Show Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    The Drakh attack Earth in A Call to Arms because humans are seen as having led the other races against the Shadows, even though Earth itself had nothing to do with defeating them and had in fact colluded with them. That seems no less tenuous.
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    EpDis: Voices Of Authority

    Somehow the phrase Deus Ex Machina seems really appropriate in this case.
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    General Questions

    That sounds something like what they did when Oliver Reed died midway through filming of Gladiator. And sometimes I think it's done well, as in this advert for Virgin Pendolino trains: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hozCKWDOk9c
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    Crusade - The Lost Tales???

    I wouldn't mind if the Crusade sets had to be rebuilt.. I don't think they'd hold up so well now. I know they were technically better than the B5 sets (they had ceilings!), and that certain areas like the bridge were an unusual shape, but they always struck me as flat (perhaps something to do...
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    B5:TLT - Show Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    I don't remember saying it was a bad thing..
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    B5:TLT - Show Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    I think the "it knows my name" thing is a standard horror cliche. Based on a quick google search it seems to be a memorable quote from the Haunting (1963 version), but it might have been around longer than that. As a further example of names having power in the B5 universe, think of how...
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    B5:TLT - Show Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    If it had been an episode of the new Doctor Who, there would have been some semi-convincing technobabble reason for it having to be a man of God. Come to think of it, didn't the literal devil show up in an episode of that last year? Maybe JMS is a fan.
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    EpDis: The Gathering

    No, but a big visual anomaly that springs to my mind is the stuntman who doubles for Garibaldi when he gets thrown through the air by an explosion during the fight with the assassin near the end. For a few seconds he has a very full head of blond hair.
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    Would you replace your DVD sets?

    Yeah. In terms of keeping the original art intact, the ideal would be if the original objects, lighting and movement patterns had still been in existence and could be rerendered exactly as before in a higher resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Or as you say getting the same people back together to...