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    "Today we lost Richard Biggs"

    Re: \"Today we lost Richard Biggs\" I checked JMSNews too and I think the post is genuine, although of course I wish it were not. Richard Biggs brought life to a great character that contained good and bad aspects of humanity and he showed in his performances that through struggle, the better...
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    TV Movies DVD August 16th?

    TV MOVIES SET COMING AUG. 17 TvShowsonDVD.com posted today that Babylon 5: The Movies set is coming Aug. 17. They also have a small picture of the artwork up. It looks similar to the sets for the series.
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    JMS - Non-update update

    Something else to keep in mind: Around 1999 - shortly after Sleeping in Light aired (in Nov '98) - JMS said that he wouldn't want to make a B5 theatrical movie for at least five years. Whether those five years were to pursue other avenues, get up interest in B5, give it a rest, get studio...
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    Babylon 5 season 4

    My set had 2 loose discs, both with some surface scratches but nothing that I think has to be returned -- a visit to the Skip Doctor can take care of it. But really -- can Warners please put out the movies and Crusade box sets in something more steady? I'll accept that season 5 has to come in...
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    Babylon 5 season 4

    I ordered from Amazon and it usually ships around the Tuesday of the release and I get it either Wednesday or Thursday. Yes, it's not the same as having it on the release date but at least it's worth saving some money on gas to the store and higher prices in B&M stores.
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    Big B5 update from jms!!!

    An article today on TVShowsonDVD.com talks about the success of Tv shows on DVD and the influence it is having on ressurecting TV shows. They mention Family Guy, which is going back into production on new shows, and they mention "a spinoff" of Babylon 5, which has been inlfuenced by successful...
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    Season 4 Release Date Change?

    Buy.com does indeed list Season 4 for Nov. 18. Amazon still lists Jan. 6.
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    Ok, how about a release date for the release date?

    Re: Ok, how about a release date for the release d Much as I hate to admit it, I doubt S4 will be out by Christmas. The DVD release calendar is just too crowded. Warners probably doesn't want B5 to get lost in the crowd. Just look at a few of the items on the way: Star Trek V The Final...
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    Guess the Season 4 Box Color!

    I'd like to see it be blood red. This is after all the season about the end of the war and Mars.
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    Season 4

    While I woould like to see Seasons 4 and 5 out by the end of the year, I can't see it happening. If we are lucky, I think maybe Season 4 shows up in December, but the rest of the year has a VERY crowded DVD release schedule, with a lot of TV box sets coming out. I'm not sure Warner would want to...
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    JMS at the ComicCom(Sat)..some BIG (vague) news...

    Re: JMS at the ComicCom(Sat)..some BIG (vague) new Well, at least there is some good news here... Crusade on DVD seems likely, and WB will continue with the B5 sets, and one assumes, the movies. I hope season 4 makes it to DVD by the end of the year, and I hope sales push WB into getting a...
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    My review of the Babylon 5 Season 2 DVD Box Set

    Re: My review of the Babylon 5 Season 2 DVD Box Se I just got an email from the online retailer I ordered the set from, after I emailed them to say I got a scratched disc. They said that I have to send the entire set back this time, since that is the way the studio wants it. I'm very annoyed...
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    My review of the Babylon 5 Season 2 DVD Box Set

    Re: My review of the Babylon 5 Season 2 DVD Box Se
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    S3 DVDs

    As grateful as I am for having B5 on DVD at all, I do think Warner could step up the release schedule a bit. One set every six months may be the standard (set by the X-Files, it seems), B5 has a dedicated enough fan base to justify releases every 3 or 4 months instead of every six. That way...
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    Babylon 5 DVDs

    Whom could we petition to have WHV speed up the release of the B5 DVD sets? Six months between them is too long!
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    B5 / ST:DS9 pissing contest on Amazon.

    Just for fun: A while back I wrote a long list of "cosmic similarities" between B5 and DS9. There were a lot more than I thought. Here's the link: http://home.att.net/~droboogie1/farbeyond.html Its about halfway down the page. For the record, I think both shows are great,and I'm glad we got...