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    Where would you rather live B5U or STU?

    I dont think I'm politically correct enough to live in the ST universe . No money, synthetic booze, no religion but atheism (execpt for the native americans), and hardly any culture at all. Pfui! Too drab! Give me the more dangerous, more vibrant B5 universe anytime...
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    Ranger Loyalty

    It makes since that after all the bloodshed of the Earth Civil war, Sheridan and others would have put a system of checks and balances on the power of the ISA president. The same goes for the Earth Alliance. I'm sure they learned harsh lessons after President Clark's coup...
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    Why so much B5 hostility?

    I was going to post something, but thought better of it. [This message has been edited by Odin (edited May 18, 2001).]
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    Why so much B5 hostility?

    There's a real hard core minority of trek fans out there who don't want ANY competition to trek. They've gotten it into their heads that the future WILL be the one portrayed by trek, and get very uncomfortable with the idea that it might not. A show like B5, with a much grittier, realistic...