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    EpDis: By Any Means Necessary

    Man, did EarthGov screw up with the replacment!
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    EpDis: Deathwalker

    An interesting episode, which raises many questions. About the Dilgar sun going nova. I have no evidence for this. But what if the reason the Dilgar turned to conquest was because they knew that their sun was going nova? The Dilgar seemed to have been highly advanced technologically, and...
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    Dius Vintari

    Okay, is somewhat OT, but there have been times in Earth history, where being illgitimate didn't necessarily mean you were out of the running to inherit a throne, particularly if there was a lack of legitimate heirs left. Henry Tudor, had ancestry of dubious legitimacy. On his mother's side...
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    "Gathering" Different Versions

    I have been tossing up as to whether I get the R1 version of the R2 versions, as a reviewer at Amazon.uk said that there was an audio commentrary on the R1 version. Anyone know anything about this?
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    "Gathering" Different Versions

    Thanks. I have a number of region 2 DVDs - Amazon.uk has been offering free postage to NZ for most of this year, and I have acquired quite a number of DVDs, including "Crusade" "Babylon 5. Season 5" and "Legend of the Rangers"
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    "Gathering" Different Versions

    Well, it seems that someone besides myself is interested is interested in B5 in NZ - most people here haven't even heard of it. When it screened it was on a Saturday afternoon, when most Kiwis are either playing sport, at the malls, or working in the garden. On the plus side, as the show...
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    Failed Babylon 5 Projects

    Mel Gibson? No fragging way! I used to like the guy, but went way off him after "The Passion of Christ" business.
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    "Gathering" Different Versions

    Thank-you for the research. I have a copy of "Bleak House" that has a synopsis in Dutch on the back, and Dutch subtitles. Luckily, the series itself is in English, or I wouldn't have a hope in hell of understanding it.
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    "Gathering" Different Versions

    I was watching "In the Beginning" the other night, and after I had finished, I turned the disc over so that I could watch "The Gathering" As it turned out, I was tired, and couldn't really concentrate, so I stopped it after about 15 minutes. What I did see was not "The Gathering" I remember...
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    EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over There

    If time travel were possible, I am not sure it be necessary to kill Hitler. The thing to do would be persuade that art school that rejected him to accept him as a student. While Hitler had had problems before this - a bad relationship with his dictatorial father which probably amounted to...
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    What would you like to see a new B5 project cover?

    "I'm not familiar with "In Valen's Name" (is this one of the comics?), but my recollection of "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" was that he "found his reward" (Sakai) after he mysteriously disappeared from the Minbari following the war, and I think that was after another jump in time or...
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    What would you like to see a new B5 project cover?

    "The last Shadow War, circa 1000 years before B5. The story of Valen's leadership of the Minbari, G'Quan on Narn during the Shadow residency there, possibly the Centauri-Xon conflict and the first Centauri Emperor (IIRC that was also supposed to be 1000 years prior to B5, probably not by...
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    EpDis: Ship Of Tears

    Two episodes actually. In "A Race Through Dark Places" a fugitive telepath tells Talia of how she was forcibly inpregnated when she refused to marry the man Psi-Corps chose for her. And how her child was taken from her at birth. In "Soul Mates" we learn that Talia herself had a marriage...
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    What was the point of "Grey 17 is missing?

    I don't know. It does explain some of Neroon's actions in season 4. His fight with Marcus brought him to some uncomfortables realizatons. Anyone who had seen the S2 episode "All Alone in the Night", missed "Gray 17" and and then seen the S4 episodes, would wonder what the hell was going on...
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    EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing

    Oh, I don't know. There is a certain scene in "Moments of Transition", and for the first time, he is questioning whether being Warrior Caste is all about killing
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    EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

    Harriman Gray, if I remember correctly was slightly different from most of the other Psi-Corps telepath. He had been born a "normal", had been "normal" during childhood, and well into his teens. In addition, he lived a life outside the Corps, among "Mundanes". He had wanted to be a combat...
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    Legions of Fire: Out of the Darkness. WTH?

    Thank-you. Send me a private message on here, if you can find it. If you wish to sell the other two, I will buy those, as well, as I haven't actually placed the Amazon order yet
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    Legions of Fire: Out of the Darkness. WTH?

    Not likely. How much would you want for your copy? Are you on Paypal?
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    Legions of Fire: Out of the Darkness. WTH?

    I have been getting back into B5 lately, and thought that I would read the Centauri Trilogy. I found the first two easily enough - Amazon.uk has both for less than 5.00 GBP each, and is offering free postage to NZ at the moment. But the last one "Out of the Darkness" ? It's going for about...
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    EpDis: Signs And Portents

    If I remember rightly, you see Delenn working with those as early as "Soul Hunter"