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    Battlestar Galactica - Season 3

    *drool* October is finally starting to feel close. Also, hi guys.
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    BSG - Blonde Chick

    You know she's about 50, right?
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    'Time's' 100 Greatest Novels

    Re: \'Time\'s\' 100 Greatest Novels 18
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    JMS B5 Short Stories

    I think some public libraries do as well, but if most public libraries are anything like mine, the university one is much better anyway. Most university libraries are also freely available for public use.
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    Re: \'Elizabethtown\' Interesting... not something I'd go to the theatre to see, I don't think, but probably somethign I'd catch on PPV or rent.... Always interesting to see how Hollywood protrays the locals.
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    What books are we reading now?

    Hmm... Well, I'm working my way through two right now for work: - Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails - Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson - Ruby In A Nutshell - Yukihiro Matsumoto And for pleasure... - Talisman - by Robin Wayne Bailey - Book 2 of his "Dragonkin" series, which is...
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    B5 Novels

    Now I need to force myself to finish the psi corps trilogy... the first book didn't impress me much, so I stopped there, but I've heard it gets better. Thing is, Iit's been so long and I've forgotten so much that I'll have to suffer through the first one again before I can read the toher two.
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    B5 Novels

    Just finished To Dream in the City of Sorrows for the first time (took a while to get around to it....) and, I must say, I was impressed. I thought she wrote the characters ver well and true to themselves. It did a nice job of filling in the gaps, and was definitely a good read.
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    BSG fansite looses the plot... (SPOILERS for S2 !)

    Re: BSG fansite looses the plot... (SPOILERS for S That scene was absolutly necessary to the episode, and was not overly graphic. It was no mroe explicit than some of the sex scenes with 6/Baltar, and no more violent than your average battle scene. It's just that it connects with the view on a...
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    LOTR DVD cover art

    Actually, if they are for non-commercial gain and private use and include a copyright statement regarding the copyrights of the original artwork/graphics, then they likely woudln't be an infringement and would fall under Title 17: Fair Use clause. I could be wrong. The law was originally...
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    WooHooo, Season 3 Arrived Today!

    and I won't be able to afford it until at least the end of September. I think I'm gonna be sick. :( *cries*
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    Good SF/fantasy read?

    For some lighter sci-fi reading, I highly reccommend Spider Robinson's Callahan's Crosstime Saloon series. There are several books... 7 or 8 in the series now, I think. They most certainly must be read in order.These are some of the better books I've read in terms of creating characters that you...
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    From Nobody

    Yah, not sure how UBB works, but if it's using PHP's built in mail function, which it probably does (I hate that built-in mail function, btw, it sucks Spoo), it'll just be the "from" string in the call to the function (if it's even in there) and wouldn't be hard to change at all, either by...
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    B5 Virgin

    best books: To Dream In The City Of Sorrows The Shadow Within Psi Corps Trilogy Centuary Trilogy Technomage Trilogy Some of them contain spoilers for later seasons, though. There are some other good ones, too, that I can't remember the names of and haven't read. There are also some "bad" ones...
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    Mr. Morden

    No, his name's not give in The Shadow Within, nor is it given in the technomage trilogy, though he's in both. I don't know about the psi corps trilogy, since I never finished it, but I doubt it would give his name.
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    Alex Zahara here I'm Back!!

    Re: Alex Zahara here I\'m Back!! Ahh, I wondered where you'd gotten off to. After you stopped coming into the chat room, I wondered if we'd see you around again. :) The late night chats were always fun. Welcome back.
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    Thoughts on the Technomage Trilogy

    That's pretty much what I had figured. I thought that the outline for the trilogy was longer than that...
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    Thoughts on the Technomage Trilogy

    In fact, I do believe he called it more accurate than any of the other trilogies to date. He, himself, had a huge outline of how the trilogy was supposed to unfold. I'm sure something like the goings on at Z'Ha'Dum wouldn't have been overlooked in such an outline. Logically, though, it just...
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    Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix [SPOILERS]

    SPOILERS BELOW! You've been warned... Ok, so now that the books been out for a bit, I thought I'd start the spoilers thread. So what does everyone think? I thoroughly enjoyed it..... until I got to the end. This "prophecy" was so blatently obvious from the very beginning of the whole...
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    Feature Film without the original cast??

    Having just watched this with the commentary yesterday, I don't remember hearing anything like that. I don't recall the exact wording, but I t hink I may remember what you were thinking of, though. Bruce was talking about some of the feature films that WB did after season 5, and then someone...