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  1. K

    More B5 on the way?

    Can't seem to access the aint it cool link, or aint it cool at all. This makes just now one of the most irritating moments in recent memory.
  2. K

    Terra Nova

    TBH it sounds like the sort of thing which will collapse without a incredibly strong set of characters to me. And it was only mentioned because of budget, but I miss Kings.
  3. K

    Dr Who - Season 1 Finale (SPOILERS)

    Torchwood is going to be the name of a british detective/military type group, chasing similair stuff to what the doctor did (possibly somewhat like UNIT, but with no doctor for the most part). Theres also another character or two that have appeared in the first series who will be reappearing...
  4. K

    Dr Who - Season 1 Finale (SPOILERS)

    I thought Id chip in on he captain Jack spinoff, its happening. Called torchwood, coming on british telly when this sieries of who si done.
  5. K

    Why I no longer read comic books

    Oh dear god, thats screwed up. And in the "I screwed up cooking dinner and now thers no kitchen" way, not the modern art way.
  6. K

    "Prisoner" remake

    Re: \"Prisoner\" remake I hope it'll be good, but seeing that Sky One is involved doesn't really help me. Still, I believe the dvds are out these days, s I may settle for that.
  7. K

    Doctor Who question - SEASON 2 VIEWERS READ ONLY

    Re: Doctor Who question - SEASON 2 VIEWERS READ ON I'm liking David Tennant as the doctor after the first two episodes of the new series, definitely comes into his own more in the second episode though. A lot of people I've talked to, who never watched the original, have been confused by...
  8. K

    Star Trek XI .. after all?

    Can we keep the enterprise final season alternate universe two parter? That was ace. If only because evil Sato was HOT.
  9. K

    doctor who on sci fi

    After watching the ww2 episodes the first time (excellent incidentally, best of series) I went to the supermarket to buy dinner. Some little kid stood right behind me and managed to scare me shitless by saying 'mummy' in a certain tone of voice.
  10. K

    V for Vendetta

    I very much enjoyed it when i saw it the other night.
  11. K

    City of Heros videogame question?

    Oh, how the young talk. Remember ye not the MUDs? Some of them qualified easy. Text based, and theoretically dull as hell. Yet they sucked up a good deal of my time in high school for a while. Also, I feel old! Im 21, stop making me feel old!
  12. K


    You guys rock, if I hadn't read this I wouldn't have A. heard of the show, and B. had it recorded tomorrow night for after these damn exams. :) Gold stars all round!
  13. K

    What books are we reading now?

    Currently I'm not reading anything ( a rare occurence, occuring due to having finished a massive amount of coursework, and not having had a chance to find something yet). However recently I have enjoyed reading player of games (Iain M Banks) and plan on reading more of the Culture novels...
  14. K

    Top 20 Geek Books...

    I think there are five there that I haven't read, and Im halfway through one of those just now.
  15. K

    Claudia Christian in Broken News

    Re: Claudia Black in Broken News Saw it last night, pretty funny. She plays an American news co-anchor. The Guardian was raving about it today.
  16. K

    EpDis: Dust To Dust

    An episode I love, and part of the reason Im looking to having season 3 and four on dvd at christmas break.
  17. K


    I've been given the impression the large box set is simply all the smaller ones in one box, with the same extras, so its mainly on price. Although I suspect if you order the giant box you avoid having any of the wrong credit sequence problems.
  18. K

    EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

    I just finished watching two towers with my girlfriend, and whenever I see wormtongue, I just go 'thats suder'. The entire film there was something else nagging at me. This is it!
  19. K

    Rangers on SCIFI UK

    Admittedly its in half an hour, but I just found out and thought others here might like to know, 10.00pm. K.
  20. K

    goodnight sweetheart

    I used to like it as a kid, but haven't seen it in years.