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    Wonderfalls Cancelled.

    Hopefully not, because the people answering the emails/phones are usually not deserving of the irate reaction. They didn't make the decision. Mostly, from what I can tell, calls to Fox DVD asking that they plan on bringing out the Wonderfalls series on DVD. I wouldn't dream of suggesting you...
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    Wonderfalls Cancelled.

    Faux Network would have plotzed themselves for a 8.4. Sadly, Wonderfalls' numbers were much lower in the Friday and Thursday versions of the death slots. Just to let you know, apparently they've taken the Wonderfalls Fox page down already. I think they're feeling a bit stung by the immediacy of...
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    Open Letter from Tim Minear re "Wonderfalls"

    Re: Open Letter from Tim Minear re \"Wonderfalls\" For those of us in reach of a North American Fox station, the Wonderfalls pilot will be rerun tonight after Tru Calling. MMMM, Eliza Dushku and Caroline Dhavernas double feature. Sexay.
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    The Lion in Winter

    I always liked the original as well, but I don't see recasting it as a big issue. Happens in stageplays all the time. And certainly these two actors are strong enough to be compelling. Now, my bigger concern is somehow "updating" it in the process so it looks like a SCA tourney run amuck.
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    Open Letter from Tim Minear re "Wonderfalls"

    Re: Open Letter from Tim Minear re \"Wonderfalls\" It's quirky and beguiling, and hard to categorize. I'll let you know if and when I hear anything about it heading across the pond.
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    Open Letter from Tim Minear re "Wonderfalls"

    Re: Open Letter from Tim Minear re \"Wonderfalls\" It's a drama with a lot of snarky humor, a 20-something slacker heroine with no goals and an Ivy League degree. The very things that make it unusual are the things hardest to promote. The lead, Caroline Dhavernas, has a charm that makes you...
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    Open Letter from Tim Minear re "Wonderfalls"

    Open Letter from Tim Minear re \"Wonderfalls\" I've been away for a while, but hopefully I'm not forgotten. :) There's some good TV sneaking back onto Fox here in the USA. But, it's on Friday nights, so it's a tough row to hoe. I'm passing on this information in the hopes that some of y'all...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean (spoilers)

    I don't think you'll be disappointed, Kribu. Capt Jack Sparrow is absolutely FANTABULOUS... I'm contemplating going to see this movie again tonight. I expect there may be a couple more viewings in my future even before DVD goodness is mine... Though I must say Geoffrey Rush is turning into a...
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    Bigger IS better!

    Now, that visuals not quite up to the standard of say, Luke Perry's ass, but it'll do in a pinch. :devil: Ro
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    Conversion Report

    You're doing a great job. I'm enjoying hearing the results of your conversion process, if that's of interest. Keep up the good work, Ro
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    TV Shows on DVD

    You're assuming they are bothering to cross check the two, Dr. G. That, imo, is a very big assumption... Ro
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    S2, S3 *and* S4 in 2003?

    Certainly not before your cuisine. *shudder* Ro
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    Bush not so dumb after all? <g>

    That might be happening yet. The SEC is sniffing around both Vivendi Universal and AOL/TimeWarner. Accounting and disclosure issues. Should be interesting to see. Real business reform will require more in the way of teeth than the MBA administration is willing to show so far, though. Ah, well...
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    Bush not so dumb after all? <g>

    I was rolling on the floor when I saw this. Just goes to show, there's something for everyone in B5... heheheh. Ro
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    JMS blooper on commentary for Chrysalis

    There it is. The very definition of damning with faint praise. I didn't even bother with Ep 2 after the wooden Phantom Menace. I hate splinters... Ro
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    All B5 Fans Should Have This On Their Fridge

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr /> If you read a thread that asks for religious opinions, don't you expect that maybe, just perhaps, someone will mention one? Hey, you there... Stop being so "mathy" and logical... Ro
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    Writers for season one guide

    I am. When did you have in mind as a deadline? Would this need to predate the NA DVD release? If so, I may not be able to be of much help. I don't have season one on tape. Though I'd be happy to do the Gathering, if you want to start with the pilot. Ro
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    JMS on "bad days" in tv land

    Re: JMS on \"bad days\" in tv land </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr /> o.k. leave it i can`t be bothered arguing Okay, Simon. Ro
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    JMS on "bad days" in tv land

    Re: JMS on \"bad days\" in tv land You know, d-mixed capitals-star, there's a very easy remedy for that. Don't read the posts that talk about religion or writing. That way you can untwist your knickers before you get a very uncomfortable blister. Channe has every right to talk about writing...
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    The "SCI-FI" Channel

    Re: The \"SCI-FI\" Channel </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr /> Everyone knows that "Reality TV" is an oxymoron, and lightning won't strike twice with the likes of John Edward-esque talk shows. The animated series sounds interesting but... Richard Belzer? Thanks...