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    Hi all, in case its not been mentioned before, quizshow MASTERMIND tonight will feature B5 seasons one and two as part of the specialist subject round. The program starts at 8pm BBC2. Cheers baz
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    The Minbari were just waiting for that right shade of green to come along before nicking it. Still fashionable after 1000 years. Shame can't be said for B4 security uniforms. Brown? In space?
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    Does anyone know if any designs were made for the BABYLON stations 1-3? I know 1 is shown briefly in IN THE BEGINNING, with a red colour scheme. JMS posted "They went in spectrum order, from red, a coule of interim colors I can't remember, to green, to blue". Does anyone have any ideas/art/info...
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    Who destroyed Babylon 1, 2 and 3?

    Hello there. Funnily enough, the fan comic my friend and I are developing focuses on the mystery of B3, and why/how it was destroyed, using our own speculation. Following a Minbari Ranger Kelarr, who finds out that a breakaway clan is more committed than most to the fulfillment of prophecy. At...
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    Babylon 5 music

    In terms of music, the best site I've found is www.musicofb5.com. It also has links to Chris Frankes website as well. Hope this helps.
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    Question about Thirdspace.

    "Actually, if you read up on JMS's posts you'll find that that whole marriage ceremony was a red herring, and what intimate touch are you talking about? First of all, to assume that a touch of affection automatically means "ooh they've got something together goign on," is just plain stupid...
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    Question about Thirdspace.

    The Great Machine always seemed to me to be just a plot device to enable the heroes trip back in time. The theory of the original outline, the one where Sinclair stayed and Sheriden never entered the story, Sinclair would have defeated the Shadows by the end of season 4, retook Earth season 5...
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    Vorlon ships.

    The Vorlon ships always reminded me of The Blitzspear from NEMESIS THE WARLOCK, a long running story from 2000AD (see this link for more info: http://www.2000adonline.com/index.php3?zone=thrill&page=profiles&choice=NEMESIS. ) The Blitzspear, like a Vorlon ship, is bonded biologically to its...
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    Writers for season one guide

    I'd be up for doing B5 reviews, if you can let us know the deadlines/format etc. I do reviews and articles for various fanzines, and recently finished one on CRUSADE. Be happy to help out. If you're in need of an editor, again I edit my own comic so used to checking spelling, etc.
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    Cheers for that Lennier and FlarnChef, I think they'll keep me busy for a while! I still haven't come across any fan made B5 comics, though. Maybe there isn't that much of an audience for them? Another B5 friend and I are developing a story based around the construction/destruction of B3 which...
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    Hi all. Kinda new to this but I've had a good read through a lot of posts, and I'm looking for anywhere on the net for good fan fiction, or specifically fan comics based on the B5 universe, since I'm hoping to do one myself next year. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.