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    EpDis: Deathwalker

    It would make a lot of sense if, as a condition of losing the war, they were confined to their home planet and a blockade set up. That would be very logical.
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    EpDis: Deathwalker

    Even better than a villian you can hate is a villian that has a personaility and doesn't see themselves as evil. Of course acting that can be difficult.
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    EpDis: Deathwalker

    Gave this one a B, simply because it's very, very good, but not as great as some later ones. I love how the League flexed their muscles in this episode and showed they will not let the 'Big 5' push them around. The subplot with Kosh and Talia was okay, but in retrospect was a waste of time...
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    EpDis: And The Sky Full Of Stars

    This is correct. Koenig was recovering from a heart attack at the time and couldn't accpet the role (his episode 'Mind War' was originally scheduled to run tenth, but WB was so pleased with it they asked that it be broadcast earlier). McGoohan did love the script, but was going to be out of the...
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    why were ivonava and sinclair written out?

    According to JMS, Sinclair's departure was story driven. It was felt burdening the character with a link to the Shadows in addition to the link with the Mimbari was a bit of a stretch, so the character left, but was able to return to complete his tory arc. CC's departure is a more sticky...
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    From the PPG entry on B5 Tech.com : 'These weapons fire bolts of charged helium plasma, which is contained in a magnetic field. "Caps", are highly condensed helium storage units and a nuclear battery in the grip supply energy to the weapon. Helium is ionized by a laser burst then a strong...
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    EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

    I agree the plot with G'Kar borders on being overdone to the point of slapstick, I gave this ep a B. The display of the various religions, the introduction of so many characters (e.g. Lennier, Na'Toth, Catherine Sakai) all make this a must see ep. My favorite line is after Na'Toth beats the...
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    Sleeping in the light - Did you cry?

    It's been so long since I have seen the episode, I don't really remember (I haven't gotten the season 5 set yet). One thing that always makes me tear up is the rant by Anya on the Buffy episode 'The Body' when she doesn't understand mortal death and why Buffy's mother can't just be not dead...
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    EpDis: Infection

    And you'll notice later in the season (after Sinclair and Garibaldi's talk) Sinclair didn't put his ass on the line quite as much as he used to.
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    Deconstruction of Falling Stars - DVD question

    This is one major gripe I have with the B5 sets. The opening credits were a part of showing that the story and universe in which they were set were not static, that things could change from week to week. It irked me somewhat. Elenopa said: Fear not. The opening credits for Buffy are...
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    EpDis: Born To The Purple

    I gave this one a B. It was nice seeing what a true romantic Londo is (and heartbreaking in retrospect). It was alos nice seeing how much Sinclair knows about his station, even the seedy parts. Favorite line: 'And you can kiss my plump Centauri...ahhhh.'
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    Season 1 question

    If I remember my season one correctly, the only orders that came from a senator were those of a non-military nature (i.e. how to vote on the Ragesh 3 problem, the dock workers strike). Sinclair could have been getting orders of a military nature from someone that we never saw. And it was a...
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    EpDis: Soul Hunter

    I gave 'Soul Hunter' a C. A so-so episode with comments that echo later on in the season (i.e. the Soul Hunter's comment to Delenn when he looks in her soul). One of my favorite character moments is when Franklin is rushing around and suddenly whirls around cause he feels the Soul Hunter is...
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    Were Ivanova and Winters lovers?

    Look at it this way: JMS fought an up-hill battle every year to get B5 renewed for the next season. In this battlefield, he is going to throw in the fact that the second-billed character is bi-sexual (Ivanova was shown to have had a male lover in her past). He wouldn't bow to network presure...
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    EpDis: Midnight On The Firing Line

    I think was an excellent way to start off a series. I only gave it a 'Good' vote because what came later was mindblowing. One part I liked was when Sinclair, the military officer, tries to get Londo and G'Kar to talk and work things out and, of course, fails miserably. Quite a difference from...
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    From 'Babylon Squared': 'You take, Zathras die. You leave, Zathras die. Either way, it is bad for Zathras.'
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    Star Wars Sept 21st release

    I watched ANH with the commentary (since I could probably quote lines from the movie verbatim I've seen it so much) and the main documentary on the Bonus disc. I knew he never expected the movie to do anywhere nera what it did but I never knew the damn thing almost crashed and burned during the...
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    Star Wars Sept 21st release

    I looked and listened very closely and couldn't see or hear Jar Jar in there. Yes, I have to admit I broke down and bought it. I was my own birthday gift to myself. Yes, Lucas changed things and I'm not to happy about them. But I lost my VHS copies of the original and Speical Editions in a...
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    Top Ten moments in sci-fi...

    And the director's cut is pretty much the only one out there anymore. You might be able to find a copy of the original out there, but finding it on DVD would be tough. I like the director's cut much better, also. :D
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    Harlan Ellison

    In addition to all that, he was the voice at the end of the early second season episodes saying 'Babylon 5 is produced by etc...'