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    Per JMS - Ides of May?

    Just an idea - ides of May being the 15th or so and maybe the river being the hudson, could it be this? From the Futon Critic.com; Every May in New York City the seven broadcast networks hold their annual upfront presentations. It's during these sessions said networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PAX...
  2. K

    R2 Dvd Announcement

    Just thought i'd post prices, play.com 39.99, dvdpopcorn.co.uk as of today, 35.99 (incl P&P) Oh baby...looks like the press release could be right after all
  3. K

    R2 Dvd Announcement

    Same as the R1 i believe, but check out that RRP! from www.r2-dvd.org; Warner Brothers have announced the first series of "Babylon 5" for release October 14th priced at £44.99 for the 6 disk set. According to the PR the series will be presented 1.77 anamorphic widescreen with a DD 5.1...
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    UK dvd News

    Well not only are Amazon.co.uk taking pre-orders for the B5 dvds, but today Play247.com have both on pre-order, with a nice £5 off each for £14.99 each. Check it out if you like play247.com So far same specs as the US release, although their Gathering listing is wrong, with apparently, Mike...
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    WHAT b5 region 2 cost 40£

    Re: WHAT b5 region 2 cost 40£ Well if this infact true, then i am both excited and dismayed by the facts so far. Whilst WB have allways been good to us in the UK with B5, Crusade, and the Tv movies in widescreen, WB on dvd is a mixed bag however. The only other TV show they do here to my...
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    What do you mean that there were 18 episodes filmed?!?!

    Not really mate, the other episodes written were by neither JMS or Fiona Avery. My memory is poor but to the ends of the earth was part of a three parter, that included an episode by former script editor Larry Di Tillio. It was mentioned in the official B5 magazine in the last update before...
  7. K

    What ship would you chose to fly?

    For me it's gotta be the Excalibur, i don't know why but i love the design. Plus the main guns, well, it would just be so cool, even if you do need multiple people to run it. Close second would be the Vree saucer, purely for those green lasers. Thats prety dman cool how it shreds a shadow...