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    drazi gender

    What's a good name for a female Drazi? All I could think of was Liz (short for lizard...I know, bad one)
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    Babylon 5 music

    I don't have an answer for you, but there must be a place, at least for bloopers. My brother in law gave me a cd he burned that had bloopers and gags on it. The "Londo/Londo Show" (Londo doing a dance number with a full-sized cardboard cutout of himself while singing "Me and My Shadow") and the...
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    Why B5 Worked and Crusade/Rangers Didn't

    Re: Why B5 Worked and Crusade/Rangers Didn\'t Joe, I should have guessed you would be the first one to reply. You are the master when it comes to B5 and I greatly respect your knowledge and perspective. So, of course ... I agree with you! I did not think I was going to get a lot of support for...
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    Why B5 Worked and Crusade/Rangers Didn't

    Why B5 Worked and Crusade/Rangers Didn\'t I have a theory that I am sure very many out there in the B5 universe will not subscribe to, but here goes... I think B5 worked so well because it began on an upbeat note and a good deal mystery to be unraveled. Same with each season. I can' t think of...
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    Theatrical Release

    Interesting point about whether any of the B5 stars would be big enough to be a draw on the silver screen. All I want to say, in rebuttal so to speak, is that they can always get a big name, big draw movie star to be a guest star,or should i say co-star, for the movie. hey, it's been done...
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    Theatrical Release

    Hey, gang -- your posts are making me awfully depressed. I find it hard to buy the "competition" argument. There is so much really bad sci fi in the theaters, but that hasn't stopped studios from putting more of it on. I believe B5 could knock the socks off most of the competition, including...
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    Theatrical Release

    I don't get it. Paramount revived Star Trek when Star Wars came out and scooped up millions. There was no way Star Trek would not make money given its built-in fan base. With the continuing popularity of Star Trek and Star Wars in the movies, what in the world is keeping Warner Brothers from...