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    Trek / B5 actor cross-overs

    The guy in Eyes who played Weyoun and played someone in voyagers tsunkatse ep, and someone else in Enterprise (which I'm not following quite as well) is calld Jeffrey Combes
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    S2 DVD Sales - U.S.

    I hope they don't skimp on the extras!
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    Effects cropped on B5 DVD causes problems

    I have a Widescreen TV. When in 16:9 aspect ratio which is how the b5 dvd is meant to be viewed, you can notice that any cgi shot has a lower resolution. i realise totally this is because the only cgi material was 'filmed' in 4:3 aspect ratio. So they have had to be cropped at the top and...
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    Effects cropped on B5 DVD causes problems

    Everyone seems to be praising that the DVD is in widescreen and all, but the effects having been filmed in 4:3 AR, getting chopped off not only affects the external spacescenes, but the scenes with any kind of effect on screen at all. Does that mean when we see two Franklins in Shadow Dancing it...