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    Is B5 a classic?

    jms mentioned some time ago (actually i think it was also mentioned on one of the dvd extras). That he was asked to speak at MIT where he was told that there were three nominal sci-fi shows in tv history - all represented a paradigm (sp?) shift. 1: The original Star Trek 2: The orginal Twilight...
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    JMS doesn't have the shooting rights to the script

    Re: JMS doesn\'t have the shooting rights to the sc Which by the way may be why the script was what it was and not the Telepath War that many have been hoping for. I think Jo (the one here) made a post about the movie ideas - about the one with Galen being done first and using the other for...
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    Problem with Season 5 Region 4 Discs

    Yep, i called warner bros and let them know
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    Season 5 in R2 anyone???

    the R4 version is the same
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    Small B5 Update

    At the bottom of a post from jms (from jmsnews.com) comes: "Oh, and for the first time in five years, there is an office somewhere in England with the words Babylon 5 on the door...." :cool:
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    Crusade DVDs announced

    It's not a good thing. I'd be much happy with crusade in widescreen. The whole thing would just look better. But of course, I'm happy that we are getting the series at all on DVD :)
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    TMOS and the Technomages

    Also included was:
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    TMOS and the Technomages

    Hope this hasn't been posted before. I just read the transcript of the Hawthorne High School Comic Con at jms news and in it was: When he walked in the room he rubbed TMOS off the whiteboard
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    B5LotR airs tonight

    Was on tv2 in New Zealand last Sunday - for the first time, even though we've had the VHS for MONTHS lol
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    The movies DVD set later this year & Rangers

    LoTR should be in a separate release because it is a separate pilot film. The tv movies were pretty much done together. The original pilot should go with the tv movies because where else can you put it and it is kind of something you just have to have to ad to B5. lotr was done separately...
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    Woo hoo - finally S4 DVD arrives in the UK!

    Any pictures of this new packaging?
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    Quote Discussion: What is truth?

    A listening askes G'Kar, "What is truth, and what is God" G'Kar replies: "If I take a lamp, and shine it towards the wall, a bright spot will appear on the wall. The lamp is our search for truth, for understanding. Too often we assume that the light on the wall is God. But the light is not the...
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    B5 mention in Helen

    lol, good to see :)
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    Conflicts of Interest shot change

    The Region 4 version shows delenn in original makeup until she comes out of her cacoon :)
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    S5 Region 1 Release Date! (Plus specs and art)

    Re: Marcus Cole don't you have to be in 13 eps to get mention in the forward credits (just heard that somewhere)
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    B5, S5 available for preorder

    well apparently season 4 region 4 release date is this setpember - sucks!!!
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    Gaming Question?

    Sigh, it would have been nice
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    Got My R2 Season 3 DVD

    oooooooooh, right, lol, sorry :)
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    Got My R2 Season 3 DVD

    How is that possible, i thought season 3 wasn't out here yet (in New Zealand) I saw season 2 at number 1 a few months ago in whitcoulles
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    request Video fro´m cannceled B5 Game "ITF"

    Re: request Video fro´m cannceled B5 Game \"ITF\" You can download all the trailers at http://www.firstones.com/b5games/ (note, this is a copy of the b5games.com site that exsited before the game was cancelled - so the info in it hasn't changed or been updated)