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    The Gathering Commentary DVD to be released ?

    What's this ? -> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000255LMK/qid=1084133805/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/002-5092139-7866457?v=glance&s=dvd . Amazon says it's going to be released on June 8th, and for some reason they have up the cover-art for the old US release of TG/ItB. There aren't any...
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    Red Dwarf the Movie

    Is that Grant Naylor's "Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers" ? There's a sequel, "Better Than Life" . :)
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    Season 5 Easter Egg

    Click the hidden "5" in the "Data Files" section for "The Universe of Babylon 5" on the last DVD if you're using a mouse (it appears if you hover over the upper central space). If you're using a remote, I guess you would use the up key from the normal selections.
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    Well, . . Got my Season 5 dvd. . .

    Just got my S5 DVD from Amazon.com and spotted a loose disc for the first time (I've ordered all my B5 from amazon.com). Luckily, I only saw one scratch on the disc (Disc 5 =O ) and it didn't affect playback at all. I have to say, playing it back on the computer screen where flaws are much more...
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    A time when JMS missed on a humor attempt?

    Lou Welch did show up once again in the Centauri trilogy (Legions of Fire), but that's about it. :(
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    Java News Scroller Replacement

    Whoops, my mistake. :D Nothing implied there at all. :devil:
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    Java News Scroller Replacement

    Heya Markas, I recently wrote a javascript news scroller for this forum similar to the Java one you have. It has the additional features of stopping on mouseover, opening to a menu version, manual scrolling, and not having to load the Java Virtual Machine. ;) If you're interested I can modify it...
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    Dating Issues b/w Earth and Minbar

    Yep. I used A. I don't see where we disagree. :confused: The single-place digits for base 11 can be written 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A. It doesn't matter what symbols we use, as long as one symbol acts as the additive identity and there are 11 of them. 20 if written as base 11 is 2*11^1 = 22 in...
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    Dating Issues b/w Earth and Minbar

    Yep. Except the additional symbol is the symbol representing 10. For example, base 16 (hexadecimal) has 16 "ones place" symbols: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F. The number after F (F representing the amount in base sixteen that in base ten is 15) in base sixteen would be denoted 10 or 1*16^1 +...
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    Dating Issues b/w Earth and Minbar

    1001 if already in base 11 would become 1*11^3 + 0*11^2 + 0*11^1 + 1*11^0 = 1332 in base 10. 1001 if already in base 10 would become 8*11^2 + 3*11^1 + 0*11^0 = 830 in base 11.
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    B Squared / War Without End Question(s)

    In "Atonement", we learn that Dukhat told Delenn (the details came too late) of the triluminary's very selective powers; it only glowed in the presence of descendents of Valen (parts of Valen's soul). This, and the details of Valen's descendents and their outcast, had been known on the Grey...
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    lotr rtok spoilers

    Not in my education. I found the books in the library when I was much younger and reading through all the fantasy epics.
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    Remarks on Passing through Gethsemene

    There is no proof for your assertion. It is more likely that the triluminary, being a part of the Transformations Machine, detected genetic information (that of Sinclair) and thus responded to Sinclair, Valen, and Delenn (a descendent of Valen). Due to (deliberate?) ambiguity in Valen's...
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    Best episode to convert newbies

    "In the Beginning". It has everything that makes B5 the engrossing story that it becomes over the seasons and leaves a nice teaser for the series. Even though there are spoilers for those who haven't seen up to the fourth season, the show is rich enough that you don't need to focus on the...
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    The Two Towers - Extended Edition (spoilers)

    Heya Radar, The theatrical version is not available on the EE discs. See the list of features here.
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    Matrix Revolutions Kicks Ass! (spoilers)

    Heya Dren, You've forgotten Cypher. ;) It's not that I particularly like these rather bland movies, and they're cerainly full of glaring plot holes, but this particular point has been covered in the movies.
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    Farscape Redux

    Woohoo! :D I'm going to celebrate and hold my breath at the same time. :p
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    Indy Jones DVD set

    I have. Although there are no deleted scenes/goofs like the Back to the Future trilogy, the extras that they do have are a lot more interesting than most other Behind-the-Scenes DVDs; mostly because they didn't use computer generated special effects.
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    Farscape S2 R1

    Haha, it does! I'd forgotten all about the synopses on the back. :D
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    Farscape S2 R1

    Heya GKE, Just a reminder about that warning posted earlier, the order of the last five episodes is: A Clockwork Nebari Liars, Guns, and Money Part 1: A Not So Simple Plan Liars, Guns, and Money Part 2: With Friends Like These... Liars, Guns, and Money Part 3: Plan B Die Me, Dichotomy It's nice...