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    Pat Tallman In Body Electric

    The movie , will be previewed at Shockerfest in Modesto, Calif., on Saturday, September 25, 2004, at 6 p.m. The film will be shown in the Stanislaus River Room Modesto Centre Plaza between 9th and 10th St.
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    Pat Tallman In Body Electric

    For more info. http://2004.shockerfest.com/ To view a preview of the film, http://www.bfofilmco.com (Quicktime required)
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    Babylon 5 Concept

    Have it saved myself! Interesting spelling with some of the names,preffered the "final" look! :)
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    Babylon 5 Concept

    Hi There.Tracked down the original source,link below,took awhile! Click Here
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    Babylon 5 Concept

    An interesting article i came accross.Colin.<*>. The series, often held as a good example of space opera, consists of a five year story arc taking place over five seasons of 22 episodes each. The hub of the story is a large space station named Babylon 5; the five mile long, 2.5 million ton...
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    Pat Tallman To Narrate Pink Floyd DVD

    Click Here For Details
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    Mira Fuln On Stage

    Mira Furlan is going back to Croatia for four performances on stage. http://www.zlatna.com/celebration/medea.html http://www.ulysses.hr/ Colin.<*>. _________________
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    Crusade On Scifi Channel UK

    :cool:You got it just in time!.Colin.<*>.
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    Peter Jurasik On Stage

    Peter Jurasik back on the boards in Cape Cod.Colin.<*>. http://www.capecodchronicle.com/feature_071504.htm
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    Crusade On Scifi Channel UK

    28th July Weekdays 9pm :cool: Click Here For Details
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    Rik Biggs Memorial Download

    http://download.theforce.net/theater/temp/rickbiggs_320.mov Right Click & Save.Colin.<*>.
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    Goran Gajic pictures

    :cool:Thx for the link.Colin.<*>.
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    'Firefly' Wins Emmy, ENT Shut Out

    \'Firefly\' Wins Emmy, ENT Shut Out 'Firefly' Wins Emmy, ENT Shut Out It's been nothing but good news for "Firefly" fans over the last couple of weeks. First, news is released that a movie will be made based on the failed Fox series. Now, Joss Whedon has an Emmy statuette associated with the...
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    Science Fiction Periodictable Table

    Periodictable Table Colin.<*>.
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    Mira Furlan Online Interview

    :cool: Hi There.Mira Online Interview Colin.<*>. ps:Other interviews on site
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    Babylon 5 Screensaver

    Copy and paste url into address bar.That works! :) Colin.<*>.
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    Babylon 5 Still Flying High

    I think a few minor faults are not much to worry about!The article is very well written,and a good advert for the programme :cool: Colin.<*>.
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    Babylon 5 Still Flying High

    Hi There.An article i came accross.Colin.<*>. 'Babylon 5' Still Flying High By Martin Sieff UPI Senior News Analyst Published 4/30/2003 10:28 PM WASHINGTON, April 30 (UPI) -- Is "Babylon 5" the finest science fiction television series of all time? Obviously not quite, with the "Classic...
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    Babylon5 RPG Game

    The Babylon 5 Roleplaying Game and Fact Book Return to the beginning of the galaxy's last best hope for peace as one of the beloved saga's imperfect heroes Snip. Um. I'm not sure what to do with this thread. It's either an advertisement or a complete reprint of an article, which is a distinct...
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    Babylon 5 Screensaver

    Hi.Screensaver by Mike Golden. http://www.geocities.com/mdgolden2002/B5.zip Colin.<*>.