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    FINAL Cover Art for Season 5 set released!

    i like her with bangs too. with all of her hair pulled back she looks like a Raging Dyke (not that that is necessarily a bad thing) I also liked Ivanova with her hair down. something about how it frames their face. it just looks better. and now that i've put my 2 cents in i'll get down off my...
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    Let's cast a B5 movie

    Re: Let\'s cast a B5 movie im all about Jessica Alba, and Eliza Dushku (oh the dreams, the Lovely, Lovely Dreams), but Britney as Delenn. Um No.
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    Spotted Claudia and Tracy

    I bought Claudia's album, Once Upon A Time, about 2 1/2 months ago. i Love her voice, so Dark and sultry. The song "Morning Can Wait" makes me wish i was a sheet, or a pillow, or.... you get the idea. ;) ;)
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    January 15th: Awaiting the BIG news!

    Sorry about the over abundance of question marks, i do that when i get excited. thanks for the heads up on Season 5. i wasnt aware. and thank you for your patience with me, as i am rather new to B5 in general, and the site to be more specific. i've gotta learn that whole 'meditation for calm' thing.
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    January 15th: Awaiting the BIG news!

    Okies now i understand. thank you Kosh.
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    Big B5 update from jms!!!

    So to recap, All the Movies, Crusade, and one Big Suprise that will be revealed at the end of the month. WoooHooo.
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    January 15th: Awaiting the BIG news!

    What Big news????? what am i missing :confused: someone please fill me in. was he going to tell when the next season will be released?????
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    Marcus Cole

    I know he shows up in Season 3 but which Episode is his first. i guess i'll just have to start where i think it is and go from there. :confused: