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    Point of view in Season One DVD Box Set

    There definitely is surround sound in this season. Yeah, maybe it's not excessive, but it's there. Heck, I was actually relatively impressed with how well some minute details came out in the sound. In one episode, the scene was in the command center, and in the rear speakers, I could actually...
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    Mislabelled discs?

    Hmm, I'd seen the reports of the loose discs, but didn't see anything here about people with mislabelled discs. Guess I'm just going blind . As for the loose discs being confined to the US, I'm guessing you mean both US and Canada. My first set was from Canada, and definitely had the old...
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    Mislabelled discs?

    Ok, I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one to run into this problem. I've been working on going through the discs to see if the minor scratches that are on them are going to cause problems, and just tonight started to play the second disc. I pop the disc in, and click on the special...
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    B5 seasonDVD specs, pops, scratches problems

    I've only watched the first couple episodes so far, but definitely on episode 1 the scratches in the film were pretty apparent. I didn't really notice them as much in episode 2, whether that was due to getting used to it or better quality is hard to say, but I'd lean towards the latter. TV...