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    B5 Feature Film to be scriptedTRUE! There will be a feature film going into productio

    Have you seen the movie Guardians of the Galaxy? Was it the human character's or the green alien female, the talking raccon and the plantman that made this a hit? Avatar likewise. Would that movie have been better by removing the blue aliens and replacing them with human characters. So, yes, a...
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    B5 Feature Film to be scriptedTRUE! There will be a feature film going into productio

    I would like a movie set 1000 years ago during the last Shadow war with B4 and a recast Sinclair. Call it Babylon 4 and you could cast a woman to be "modern". Eye candy and ballbuster in one package, everybody loves that. If they say that the new movie are for all the new people out there with...
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    EpDis: In The Beginning

    I votet F for Failure. To me this was downright stupid, and the worst part of B5, ever. The future parts with Londo, the two kids and the woman, who we learned in the Centauri trilogy is named Senna, was very nicely done. The parts were the main "heroes" that had absolutely not met each other...
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    Richard Biggs And Jason Carter

    The videofile I have downloaded is "SSII_Trailer_3c2-High.wmv", size 6,99 MB, total time 3:00. The first person that speaks, saying: "How about ....." is Jason Carter.
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    EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

    I gave it a B. When I think back on The Gathering, I remember buying it on vhs i Norway way back when, as a movie, and at the time I knew nothing of plans for a TV serie. I watched it several times, didn't like it that much. This was when vhs tapes were expensive, and numerous tapes with so-so...
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    Richard Biggs And Jason Carter

    If the link doesn't work, try just: http://www.starship2.com Or Google this: Starship 2 One of the first hits should be: Starship2.com
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    Richard Biggs And Jason Carter

    Go to http://www.starship2.com/SSIINews.asp On this site you can download a preview of a silly sf-movie called Starhip II. The movie is crap, and will probably never be finished, but you get to see two of our favorite actors. You will also see a lot of Leslie Culton, famous for "two" different...
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    Babylon 5: Leap of Faith

    On the Moongoose site I found this: This is a scenario for the Babylon 5 Roleplaying Game Second Edition set in the year 2264, during the growth and expansion of the Earth Alliance under the aid of the Interstellar Alliance and without the heavy yoke of Morgan Clark. It is designed for a...
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    Babylon 5 novels and graphic novels

    The link above is for the sourcebooks for the D20 roleplaying game. No link to the novels yet.
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    CRUSADE SCRIPTS The Crusade sourcebook from Mongoose Publishing for their D20 game contains the 3 unpublished Crusade scripts. They are told as a detailed story, not as a blueprint of the script.
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    Face the fact - B5 is dead

    I have come to believe that JMS have no intention to work for, or help, any new B5 to appear on the small or big screen. The last interview posted elsewhere on this site conforms this. I can understand that as an artist you want to look forward, and for JMS that seems to be anything else than...
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    Re-watching Crusade

    Facts about Gideons "death": JMS commentary on Racing the Night time 40:40: “This also establishes the Apacalypse Box, which is an advisor to Gideon. And there is the curse attaches to that box. Galen suspects that he, that Gideon, has it, and if he has that is seriously bad. In the cliffhanger...
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    Re-watching Crusade

    My favorite B5 is Crusade. There was so much potential and the written but unfilmed scripts was the point were the action really kicked in. Yes there were somethings that became not quite logical with dates shown in episodes , dialogue looped to try to fix the mess TNT made by demanding new...
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    Online Crusade Scripts

    Darren C: I suggest that you email: tsteinsland@yahoo.com.
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    Favorite recurring character: All seasons

    My vote went to Zathras. When you consider the minimal screen time this (those) character(s) had he made a big impact. Sure Kosh and Neroon and others are more important characters for the big story - still Zathras is my favorite.
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    Crusade DVDs in IGN DVD roundup. Harsh words?

    If you review something you don`t like the result will be negative - no surprise there. It`s easy to trash Crusade because its not B5. It was never meant to be B5. I can understand jms in this. After pointing out that B5 was a 5 year show as strongly as he has, you can`t make Crusade as B5...
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    Crusade -- "War Zone"

    Re: Crusade -- \"War Zone\" Should be: 9 Racing the Night – grey uniforms 1, box 1
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    Crusade -- "War Zone"

    Re: Crusade -- \"War Zone\" CRUSADE ORDER In my opinion the best way to view Crusade is to view the episodes in an order were most things happens in the most logical order. I use the ep numbers from the DVD (identical to the TNT order). Information from the 3 unfilmed scripts is used along...
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    Crusade DVD's

    Re: Crusade DVD\'s Crusade vs B5 - What if B5 were cancelled after 13 episodes ? If you want to compare Crusade with B5 it should be done on equal grounds. So what if only the first 13 episodes of B5 had been made ? By the first 13 I mean the first 13 produced, not the first 13 episode that...
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    Who do you think should play Diane Baker?

    Selma Blair. Good actor, right age, not a bimbo, would pass as a friend of Lochley. Can`t really se Tracy Scoggins and Eliza Dushku as friends.