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    Desperate for Shadow Dancing

    Hi! Thanks for your help Guys, esp. Kribu. I've got a bit a of a wait, but I'll have it on VHS soon enough! ------------------ "You can get more with a kind word and a 2x4 than you can with just a kind word"
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    Desperate for Shadow Dancing

    I had taped "Shadow Dancing" and watched it nearly ten times before accidentally taping over it. If anyone knows of anywhere I could get an Mpeg, Video, DVD, etc, could you please let me know??? Direct email is ok. I Love that ep. and SOOOO much want to see it again... ------------------ "You...
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    Allright, your fave episode of each of the 5 seasons

    As an Aussie I've only seen the WHOLE series just the once, and only some episodes I'd taped more than that. I couldn't give a fave for every season but I will go this far: S3: "Shadow Dancing" - I watched this no less than 8 times and nearly died when I accidentally taped over it - does anyone...