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    Quotes from Season 5

    How about Sheridan, after officially ordering the whitestar fleet into the Centauri War, saying: "Any chance we had of keeping this station neutral just went up in smoke." Or from Sleeping in light, Sheridan toasting: "To those who could not join us. In memory most bright." (The exact...
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    Life and Death for crusade

    Of all the characters from Crusade that I want to see resurrected, it would have to be Galen. And as I see it, It would be extremely easy to integrate Galen's Character into the Rangers series (If there is one). After all, He was always dividing his time between helping the crew of the...
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    I was under the impression that Lorien's race was the only immortal one. His race was immortal and then the "universe decided that to appreciate life, for there to be growth and change, life had to be short. So those who came after us grew old, infirm, died. But those of us who were first...