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    Saturn Awards nomination for Jeremiah!

    "Mutant X" Mutant Pants got a nom? I've seen this a couple of times and it's so god awful it's untrue. Will be a toss up between farscape and sg1. Only so Macgyver can win something :-) FM
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    Poll: Best B5 Character Death Scene

    Don't ask me why but I thought it'd be cooler if, after Neroon was wasted, all that was left were his smoking boots. Maybe it was Roger Moore James Bond inspired... Still, he was no Connery...but that's for another topic I guess FM
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    What's in a Wing

    Re: What\'s in a Wing Just re-read your post and it's a pebcak* at my end. Really shouldn't do this while working at the same time :-) FMM *Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
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    What's in a Wing

    Re: What\'s in a Wing Then again, it is set 200 odd years in the future, who knows how much it's changed. I think JMS said it was a much more formal time too. then again, I get the joy of being totally ignorant about the military structure and protocol FMM
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    What's in a Wing

    Re: What\'s in a Wing unlikely. The use of greek letters could work throughout Earthforce. Alpha, Beta and Zeta wings in this case are those wings assigned to b5. So if identifying themselves to other earth ships the id could be: b5-zeta in the same way the Damocles (not going to try and...
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    Conversion Report

    'Comes the Inquisitor' and 'The Geomerty of Shadows' from a purely director point of view. Mike Vejar was just incredible with those episodes. And 'In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum' since the video release sound was off slightly in the UK
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    Sci-Fi Channel continues to hit new lows...

    Well, there's apparently been a change in policy at sci-fi in that they're moving away from space based shows (one of the reasons 'Rangers' didn't make it). I heard that the jms project Polaris was decided against as Sci-fi decided to take on more mainstream stuff. Such as...erm..Flinstones...
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    Richard Biggs On NYPD Blue

    He's on Dawson's Creek (well, on e4 in the UK) at the moment. Or has just finished up. Only reason I know this is that in exchange for getting the gf into b5 she's made me watch Dawsons Creek. Just doesn't seem worth it...but she didn't believe it was 'Londo' until he laughed So that's my...
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    B5 Site Critique

    And the name of the person who voted for TKO :-) Name and shame 'em
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    the implant

    I always thought it was a multi task thing. The guy in 'Sky' appears to be blind (white eyes) and that this 'third eye' helped him see.