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    JMS on Scifiwire

    Although Season 2 of TNG was probably one of its lowpoints (as was season 1... ugh) it did contain the episode "Measure of a Man" which is probably one of the top 5 science fiction episodes of any Sci-Fi TV show, ever.
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    season 4 releasedate and coverart

    106 days... 66 episodes to watch... I'll have to pace myself a bit. When novemeber hits, I'll start watching them all from Season 1 in preparation.
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    B5 S3 Still Topping Charts

    Actually, it's cheaper in Canada. For example, on Amazon.com, the DVD set is $73.99 USD On Amazon.ca, the DVD set is $76.99 (Canadian) With the exchange rate, the canadian set is slightly cheaper.
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    B5 S3 Still Topping Charts

    Babylon 5 : The Complete Third season is currently at #3 on Amazon.ca, beating out the third season of the simpsons AND the Two Towers Widescreen DVD. Go Canadian fans.
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    B5 & DS9 - hand in hand?

    heheh, the funny this is, when I saw that episode, I liked it because I thought "Now this seems a lot more like Babylon 5..."
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    Babylon 5 Still Flying High

    There are a couple of things wrong in that article, but nothing really big, and his heart is certainly in the right place. :)