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  1. ryuu

    Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

    anime can look like computer games, but that's cause most modern anime is CG and anything that isn't live action will look like a computer game
  2. ryuu

    Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

    i watch lots of anime, and those who say it's badly acted/dull, need to stop watching dubs, expecially those done by for kids. most animes have a well thought out/planned story as they come from manga which isn't in danger of being canceled every year, as it's cheap to produce. the bleach anime...
  3. ryuu

    problems accessing the site

    when i went to load the site today at 22:52(GMT + 1) i kept getting a timeout error untill about 22:58, i asked CBO and he had the same problem, just wondering who else ever has this problem, or is it something to do with our computers (seems unlikely, but still possible i spose)
  4. ryuu

    Two Problems with VBulletin Upgrade.

    just click log-off before you close the window
  5. ryuu

    Two Problems with VBulletin Upgrade.

    you only have to do it once per computer unless you press log out before you leave the website
  6. ryuu

    B5 - Thirdspace

    look i am lazy! okay
  7. ryuu

    B5 - Thirdspace

    depends on the amount of words :p
  8. ryuu

    Two Problems with VBulletin Upgrade.

    you also dont have to enter your password it just logs you on when you load the page and logs you out when you close it
  9. ryuu

    B5 - Thirdspace

    ive never been told to use two spaces and i do a ton of story wrighting all the time i indent the first letter of the second paragraph and put an empty line between diferent locations/timescales e.c.t. b.t.w. isnt this grammar discution a bit off topic?
  10. ryuu

    Who Destroyed Babylon 1, 2, & 3?

    reminds me somewhat of the pshycho game
  11. ryuu

    Getting to know vBulletin: quoting posts

    hoi i use multi quoting too!
  12. ryuu

    Two Problems with VBulletin Upgrade.

    i go on many sites with v buliten and ive never had that problem
  13. ryuu

    Upgrade complete!

    two things, 1, are you going to do some user groops? and 2, can i do some artwork for spare baners if you make any more themes?
  14. ryuu

    all required fields...

    just every time you leave the bar blank, you have to have a subject
  15. ryuu

    Delenn's successor as ambassador?

    Re: Delnn\'s successor as ambassador? you mean he could be a clone?
  16. ryuu

    V for Vendetta

    i wached this film two days ago and loved it i feel that it shows that there is both good and evil in everything take V for example he is fight ing for peoples freedoom but he isnt afraid to kill a few people to get his way or whazer name the one who tesed on V and created the virus she showed...
  17. ryuu

    Banner Ads

    ive found they ojnly apear once a yr for me and scince ive been here less than a yr i guess ive only ever seen one...
  18. ryuu


    it aint fater for me but my comps totally stufed up with stuf and i allways have about 60 windows open
  19. ryuu

    b5 interior map wanted

    id just like to thank everyone for the help they've given and apologise for any ofence caused