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    Kosh was 7th most popular alien...

    So, on the Alien list, who is "The Doctor?" I mean, is it Voyager's Doctor, because he wasn't an alien, he was a hologram. Or, being as this is a British list, is it Dr. Who? Just curious, because, he's Dr. Who...Robert Picardo's character from Voyager is "The Doctor." He's listed that way...
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    War without End Part 1 question

    I always thought they physically slipped through time, but then that does raise the question about what happens to their "future" bodies when their "present" bodies drift in, as two pieces of matter can't occupy the same space at the same time. So, yeah, they must be 'replacing' the minds of...
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    Where can I find a hit man?

    Yeah, that's awesome...and then the whole movie is ABOUT someone trying to kill the guy who invented telepaths (so to speak!) And that guy who said the line, the businessman, he isn't even named...just an extra with a great line dripping with gravitas and meaning when you think about it!
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    questions on the babylon 5 rpg's and ccg...

    Re: questions on the babylon 5 rpg\'s and ccg... The only new information I got from B5:CCG was from the Wheel of Fire set with some stuff about the Drakh I didn't know (and I don't believe it was addressed on screen.) But I know Precedence had extensive 'face-time' with JMS and other writers...
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    The No Speculation Thread - News Posts Only Please

    Re: The No Speculation Thread - News Posts Only Pl Hope this fits your criteria, but anyway: Earlier this month I was at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA, USA and got to meet and get autographs from the great Peter Jurasik. As I had my "PRESS" badge on, he was very chatty (he even signed a picture...
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    JMS on Scifiwire

    Yes, McFadden left for a bit to have a baby. And most of us TNGers hated it when Pollaski was on the show. Not only was the character a real stick in the mud curmudgeon type, but she also dissed Data pretty early on in her run. Scene was something like: Dr. P. "Well, Data (pronounced DAHTA)...
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    I've got DVD Fever!!

    Re: I\'ve got DVD Fever!! Definitely get season 1, but remember, it was bad before it got better. I mean, S1 is better than anything on TV right now or for the past few years Sci-Fi wise, but Sinclair is markedly different from Sheridan. And Susan and some others are still feeling out their...
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    Londo's 3/5 chances

    Re: Londo\'s 3/5 chances He sacrificed his own desires (once you have a keeper you do what the Drakh want, not what you want) for the good of others. In the Centauri religion (or perhaps JMS' own thoughts) self-sacrifice can save you from "The fires that await you at the end of your journey"...
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    Which B5 Book is Next?

    what were the factual problems in book 1? vornhault or someone like that from the lurker's guide mentions them on your site.
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    The Little Things

    what's this about Ivanova's earring? I watched it all and don't recall that. Also, what did Delenn mean about "one of us?" thanks
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    Mr. Morden

    Actually, Zathras and I did used to be neighbors and my name is Scott. Come to think of it, aren't we all Zathras' neighbors, temporally speaking of course? :cool:
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    Defending Enterprise at TCA

    Hey, I must admit it ain't no B5 (but what is?) but I'm enjoying Enterprise. I really don't like the current media trend (notably TV Guide) to trash anything Star Trek (reference their recent articles about Enteprise, Nemesis vs. Two Towers and now the cover of this week's issue screams "Forget...
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    Favorite B5 reference on other shows etc.

    I had two of the ships...Capt. Power and his white ship and Lord Dread and his black ship. It was a blast (literally!) My buddies and I would switch to one on one mode and chase each other all over the house shooting wildly. Although, after a while the sensors got so banged up that they...
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    Daniel Dae Kim back in Outer Space?

    This sounds like it could be great. MACO's could easily be pronounced like the shark "Mako" as the units nickname/mascot. Now, that's something we've never seen in Trek - unit cohesiveness and nicknames among the Starfleet personnel. Well, except at the academy you have Red Squad. Anyway...
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    Early Design

    Actaully, I kinda liked that red ship on the first poster. Kind of like a crescent-influenced Cloud Car from Empire Strikes Back. Besides, how cool would it be to say "And Andreas Katsulas as JACKARR!" :lol: ooohh, that's funny. And I did like the half-green face chick standing behind...
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    Zagros 7 and the jumpgate

    On second thought, maybe they need the nav beacon on the gate itself to know where to drop back into normal space. So maybe with the Beacon destroyed, not the gate itself, that sector of space is impossible to find. Does anyone else know?
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    Zagros 7 and the jumpgate

    It's certainly possible, but remember, having you own ship with jump engines is a big feat in the B5 universe. There aren't many Han Solos running around with little ships capapble of independent FTL travel. Remember how they made such a big deal about ships the size of the White Star having...
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    SCIFI/COM Crusade Main Page - Question

    Maybe my codecracking brain is malfunctioning, but did anyone notice that the character Mr. Norris was supposed to play had a strange name? "Danny Hitt" Is this some kind of anagram for "D Any Hit?" As in "[D]etect any hits?" Some sort of weird counter for the Crusade page to see if it got...
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    Babylon 5 CCG

    Has anyone heard of Cardtable? It's a program that lets you play almost any card game over the internet. they don't have Babylon 5 available yet, but since it's all fan-based and free, maybe we could create it ourselves. b5ccg.mahasamatman.com has all the images of cards still available, so...
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    Babylon 5 CCG

    What we SHOULD do is try to find someway to play over the web. That way we aren't limited to geographical concerns. Ideas anyone?