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    Techno-Mage Book #3 out Nov 27th!

    The B&N near my house did not have it, although they did have a copy of the "Shadow Within", but the Borders 30 miles away did. Just got it a few hours ago on my lunch break, now I have to wait until I get home to read it. ------------------
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    Technomage Exodus

    This is what I do: Go to Amazon.com, get the information on the book (Exact title, author, etc.) then open the phone book and start calling the book stores. If they have the book, I have them hold it for me. I hate going to the book store only to find out they don't have what I want - not to...
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    Issues with B5LR Spoilers

    Personally, I think the idea of having to identify spoilers for shows that have ALREADY aired is crazy. I understand that there are some that still have not even seen B5 all the way through yet, but come on that show has been out since what 1993. Some of us actually took the time to watch it...
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    SFX for B5lr: Worries and questions

    To Joe D. <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> Well, assuming the "Brady Bunch" part is what has you confused: Gary Cole played Mike Brady in two feature films based on the old Brady Bunch TV series. (In between the two films he did American Gothic which much have...
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    SFX for B5lr: Worries and questions

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> and it is quite possible that Gary Cole commanded a higher salary than even Bruce Boxleitner, since he is arguably better-known thanks to things like The Brady Bunch. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Ok, call me slow, but....WHAT? PS - I am...
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    Is the SF media ignoring RANGERS?

    Scifi actually ran a commercial for LOR tonight during Farscape. There wasn't much more than a second or two of footage and the name. It was a run with a montage of other shows scifi is scheduling for "This summer and beyond" ------------------
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    A triology of triologies

    The Centari books were good - I really wasn't expecting to like them, but was pleasantly surprised. I couldn't put #2&#3 down. The Psi-Corp Trilogy was . . . informative. My favorite is the Technomage books. The first one is packed with detail, which really helps to understand the characters...
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    Technomage Book #2 - Did any one notice . . .

    The comment Galen remembered his father saying "You are my apprentice, she is nothing to you"? If I am guessing correctly, his reactions to his fathers ring and his unwillingness to talk about his parents would be understandably justified. ------------------
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    finished SUMMONING LIGHT yesterday...

    Actually it says 3 enemies - that doesn't restrict it to 3 people. Elizar & Razeel are the most obvious guess, since the Circle would have direct authority over their fate. Morden is just a servant and is easily replaced - not worth the effort. It is very unlikely that Londo would be the...
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    Circle Memebers? Tech book spoilers

    I don't remember Galen being cast out - was that in the Crusade episodes or ACTA. I will have to go back and re-watch ACTA. I seem to remember Galen going before the Circle in ACTA, but I will re-watch it to be sure. I just finished the second book this weekend. I liked it better than the...