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    Loriens ship

    How do we know that loriens ship is so powerfull. Based on other races reactions to Lorien. They wouldnt think of harming him because he is so ancient. This could mean that Lorien wouldnt need weapons that were too powerfull. ------------------ "I hate it when you do that" "Good"
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    Loriens ship

    perhaps the ship in question is Loriens ship. I dont recall seeing the ship in B5 before. Its also possible that it was left on B5 after all the first ones left for the rim. Lorien was on the whitestar at the time. ------------------ "I hate it when you do that" "Good"
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    Get Zathras Back!

    even stranger is the fact that they all have the same clothing.I dont recall seeing any animals on epsilon 3. so where did it come from? ------------------ "I hate it when you do that" "Good"
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    Ranger Loyalty

    I thought "We live for the one, We die for the one" was that the one could be anyone. Rangers had to be willing to die for anyone. I think I got that Idea from the episode where Lyta sees a rangers death telepathically. Dont recall the name of the episode. ------------------ "I hate it when...
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    What will the questions be?

    what about my questions? "Do you have anything worth living for" "Why are you here" ------------------ "I hate it when you do that" "Good"
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    rangers series: odds of seeing vorlons or shadows again?

    I recall that JMS said there would be vorlons in the telepath war movie. This could be a flashback of Lyta's experience on the vorlon homeworld though. Also I think that the B5LR run will go through the telepath war. Dont rule out the possiblity however small it may be. ------------------ "I...
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    If you could play a character on Crusade, who would it be and what would their job be

    Re: If you could play a character on Crusade, who would it be and what would their job be hmm this cant be good. # 1 Alfred Bester # 2 David Corwin # 3 Londo Mollari # 4 Talia Winters # 5 Vir Cotto # 6 Kosh Naranek # 7 Zathras # 8 Byron # 9 Dr. Stephen Franklin # 10 Lord Refa # 11 Susan...
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    Ender's earth alliance

    Re: Ender\'s earth alliance If ender did win. then the war against the shadows would probably be lost. However if Ender and Macgyver were fighting each other in an arts and crafts store Id say Macgyver would win. In fact Macgyver would probably be able to take on an army of minbari in surface...
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    Best looking Vorlon

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AntonyF: How do we know which is called what... did I miss their names being mentioned some time? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I dont exactly know if it was said in the show, but Kosh is the original vorlon and Ulkesh...
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    Who owns the Excalibur

    I would assume the excallibur is on loan to Earthforce by the ISA untill the plague is cured. ------------------ "I really hate it when you do that" "Good"
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    The box that lies & the ship that looked like a Shadow...

    This is just a guess. I think uniting the apocolypse boxes would be a bad thing. They are called apocolypse boxes, a name for a battle that will end the world. Doesnt sound like it would be a good thing. ------------------ "I hate it when you do that" "Good"
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    Have a B5LR telemovie character named after you!

    hmm wonder what the New Vegas odds are on winning this thing. I just registered as well. I wonder if only the 1st name or both the first and last name will be used.
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    I think vorlons may have been all sadistic. Look at sebastion and ulkesh. Also the way the vorlons acted in the war. The impression I got from sebastion was that Vorlon life was very harsh. ------------------ "I hate it when you do that" "Good"
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    Best looking Vorlon

    I like Ulkesh's encounter suit better than kosh's. The sharp curves worked well for ulkesh. It also looked more modern than Kosh's. The suit Kosh wore had a lot of moving parts. Kosh's suit was probably out of style in Vorlon culture. Ill even bet that the other Vorlons said to Kosh "Your suit...
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    What do you think?

    Im not quite so sure if crusade will be continued. However I do think that B5LR will go for 5 seasons.
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    David sheridan?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>That had been a part of the planned series Babylon 5: Baby Rangers, however that idea had fortunately been scrapped.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> heh, that would be funny. I can just imagine it. Im getting an image of muppet babies. The...
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    Questions about the Victory Class Destroyer

    There is a website that explains a good deal of the technical aspects of B5 it is at http://www.b5tech.com. According to the site, the vorlon bioarmor was not yet put on the victory class ships. ------------------
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    Nielsen ratio

    Does anyone know or can find out how what the ratio of nielson viewers to all television viewers. I thought it might be interesting to see approximately how many people a person would need to recruit in order to get a nielson viewer. ------------------
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    B5 conventions

    Can someone also find out if any will be held in new england, or if any have at all? ------------------
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    Interview videos

    Anyone know where to find video or sound interviews with the people of B5? Even an archive of text interviews would be nice.