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    Babylon 5 novels and graphic novels

    Tell that to The Comedian! :) (w/blood)
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    Some questions to be answered

    Hey, If JMS has said that the Jumpgates pre-date the Shadows and Vorlons, couldn't the Z'ha'dum gate have been built before the Shadows came there the first time. It's their homeworld (in the sence that Earth 2/Vorlon Prime will be our homeworld eventually) but I don't think we've ever been...
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    January 15th: Awaiting the BIG news!

    Yep! Me too. And it's 4:50pm here in UK. I've been waiting all day hoping JMS decides to get up really early to post news. Not likely I know but what else can I do? Defectivehead
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    Hidden out-takes on S3 in R2?

    My 2p. I've got the R2 version of the Gathering, and although it is not stated in the packaging, it IS the Special Edition. Plus as said before, no extras and bad transfer. We must get a The Gathering Special Edition - Special Edition DVD. Defectivehead
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    Original Star Wars trilogy on DVD next year?

    From what I gather George is doing this to help the promotion and raise awareness of Episode 3. I think he just knows how many people are disappointed with 1 & 2 and wants to try and get them excited again. Mi too sense. Defective
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    JMS kitten rescue update/competition

    Sorry to drag this up from the depths of history, but what happened with the Cat Quote Competition thing? Did I miss who won? :confused: Defectivehead
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    New DVD reissues

    "Darling, you didn't use Tinned Salmon did you?" Love it! :D Defectivehead
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    Dreaming of Babylon 5

    I was counting them as four TV movies, and two feature length pilot episodes. I count A Call To Arms as a seperate entity to Crusade because althought the movie sets up the situation, I wouldnt class it as an episode of Crusade. Babylon 5: The Gathering Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die...
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    Dreaming of Babylon 5

    Hi Everyone, Having now shown my other half all 110 eps of B5, the four TV movies and LotR, I was discussing Crusade with her in bed last night (We're so wild) and talking about the notes, suggestions and changes the company forced. This moring she told me about the dream she had. We were...
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    New Doctor Who!

    Baddies can be a Villain of the week or an old nemesis or a new one. I just hope there's a good story. We don't need the doctor fighting Bertie Basset..I mean The Candyman. We need more like The Curse of Fenric, battling against Lovecraft's He Who Shall Not Be Named (aka Hastur) Oh bum, I...
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    Season 5 DVD Release Date Set!

    Hey, It's now 2^6! YeaH! Defectivehead
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    Gerry Doyle Interview

    http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/435/435444p1.html He talks about a few different things like his new show and talks about B5s future and it's current state of play. Nice. Tim
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    The Little Things

    Yep, he only took off the glove with teeth. One thought that I had is that the other hand doesn't have a glove, rather a specially shaped mitten! That way he could pull it on over his fist and it would be shaped over his fingers to look like fingers of a glove. Plus I find that this logic...
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    Hollywood is Calling

    Greetings, I don't know you guy know about this but through: http://www.hollywoodiscalling.com/ you can get a personalised phone call from Peter Jurasik or Andrea Thompson (Not available today) or some others (Lou Ferrigno's there). But $30 for 30 seconds? I'd expect to get them talking dirty...
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    Favorite B5 reference on other shows etc.

    I got Season 5 of Buffy yesterday and watched the episode where Zander gets split in two. Near the end of the episode, when Zander is moving out of his parents basement he gives a box to Anya to carry and tells her to be careful with it because it contains all his Babylon 5 collectors plates...
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    R2 - S2 DVD release date

    Re: R2 - S3 DVD release date OK! Who opened the screw-top on my head, and replaced my brain with three small oranges? C'mon, who was it? Dr. Necessiter, I'm looking at you! (Yep, I meant S3)
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    R2 - S2 DVD release date

    I hope this turns out to be wrong but Play.com have started taking Pre-orders for S2. With the release date of 10th November!!! Thats 3 months after the US release!! I hope they are just putting old info up, and they've yet to be told that the release dates have been moved up, or it might be...
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    From what I heard, this will pretty much be the same as the last Ultimate Edition except there will be a 3rd DVD with the film as a movie file specially made for Media Player 9, which apparently will be able to do a higher resolution that you normally get. Sounds cool, if a little dubious...
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    Vorlons and jamming Shadow vessels

    I've sussed it. The Shadows (their Ships, the Eye, everything) run on Mi'Kro'Sft software, created by the Drakh Bi'Ul'Gatez (who is a moron). As a result, the Shadows can only have wars for a few years before everything starts running badly and they have to do a system restart. What with...
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    B5 Actors in Tron

    In the film they talk about the Users as Gods a bit, most Programs don't believe it but CROM (Peter Jurasik), among others, is a devout believer. As for "Gort, Klaatu Berada Niktu", this is on a Bumper-Sticker like poster in Alan Bradley's office (Bruce Boxleitner). My knowledge is yours, what...