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    24 [1/14/03]-(SPOILERS)

    After seeing from the commercials the gunshot, when Marie showed up I figured it was here. Still not figuring out all the connections and motives, though. I was falling for the Sherry act as well. Should have known better. Anyone think we've seen the last of Nina?
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    The Babylon 5 Books

    Has there been any talk about some new books now that the Technomage trilogy has been completed?
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    Favorite Rangers Quote (spoilers)

    Lots of good lines. This exchange hasn't been mentioned: Dulann: "I'm here to show the council that there is no good reason for putting you out of our company." Martell: "Well, you do get my room. It's got a better view than yours." Dulann: "A point that I had not considered."...
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    Sci-Fi Announcement Oct. 8

    Over on the Sci-Fi Channel web site, there is a note on the B5 portion saying there will be a special announcement on October 8, during the Crusade Chain Reaction (looks like all 13 episodes--can't wait!). Anyone else heard about this? ------------------ -"Do you want to be president?"...