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  1. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over There

    OK, NOW I have posted in tall the Episode Discussion threads! :D Time for a party!
  2. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over There

    As I mentioned in the "Over Here" thread, I just watched both of these for the first time in about ten years. I only watched it once before, when I first got the DVD. I was VERY excited about this DVD, and I have to admit, I was rather disappointed when I watched it, and thus, never watched it...
  3. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over Here

    Well. Not much here :p I just watched this for the first time since the first and only time I watched it, when I first got the DVD. I remembered pretty much none of it. I kinda like the idea of an anthology series in the Babylon 5 universe, but this particular story didn't do much for me. I...
  4. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: And Now For A Word

    I feel like it's SAID a bunch of times, but not actually shown to be the case at all. Sure, all the things you say are true. We see human characters making friends with non-human characters. But, it's a human station, full of humans. Vir doesn't have many options for advice, and Delenn just...
  5. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum

    I agree that bending/breaking rules to hold someone would be a Garibaldi thing to do, if he suspected that there was something fishy about this guy. The fact that he doesn't want to do it, I suppose illustrates that at this point really no one is seeing the fishiness (other than Vir, clearly :p...
  6. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: The Fall Of Night

    You make some excellent points here. Especially the second point. How DO the Minbari feel about him having that on display? And, did Ivanova take that sort of important point into consideration when she gifted him that? I can totally see why it would be a good gift for him, considering the...
  7. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: And Now For A Word

    Well, I certainly don't hate this episode. I also don't hate Eduardo Delvientos :P I am pleased he reappears here, because I like it when shows reuse characters like that. It makes the world feel more real. The weird format where the whole episode is contained in an in-universe TV show doesn't...
  8. Lennier's Tears

    Mark Oshiro watches Babylon 5

    Wow, this is really great! I've never watched any of the "Mark Watches" videos, but I've checked out the discussions of some of the other shows on that blog and always really enjoyed them. I really love seeing first time B5 watchers reactions and comments, but I was a little nervous about...
  9. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: There All The Honor Lies

    You're right! I totally forgot that Levell is Warrior Caste. Even more questions! :p Well sure. I could see that. But, it doesn't actually look like him at all, and it's not supposed to! It's supposed to look like a teddy bear! It doesn't even have an Earthforce uniform, and it's not labeled...
  10. Lennier's Tears

    B5 Limited Edition Screensaver (1995) Project

    Sorry, I don't have any useful suggestions, but I too had a Babylon 5 Windows Theme back in the nineties, and kind of miss it. I would love to see if anyone else DOES have information to share.
  11. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: There All The Honor Lies

    For me, the most intriguing aspect of this episode is the glimpses of information we get about Minbari clans. We never really learn more about them, do we? It seems like they are VERY important, but it's not necessarily immediately obvious what clan someone belongs to. Prior to this episode I...
  12. Lennier's Tears

    It Was the Dawn of the Third Age of B5-Watching...

    That IS very exciting, I'm a little envious! :p Though I also experience season 5 somewhat similarly. I'm just really not as familiar with it as I am with all the other episodes. I also agree on Grey 17. The Marcus/Neroon story is really good, and the actual Grey 17 bit is mostly just ...
  13. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: Hunter, Prey

    I didn't see the Emmys, but that IS nice :) "While I was asleep, the ship ... it sang to me!" I just love that. It's so ... magical! (Vague) SPOILERS for later storylines in this paragraph, skip to the next one if you don't want to see them. I love that the Vorlon programming totally worked on...
  14. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

    Babylon 5 has the BEST episode names. There's a few I didn't even get for years until I suddenly realized what they were referencing. Among all the great episode names, this one is definitely at the top! All very plausible! I just said this in two other threads, so again I'm just repeating...
  15. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: Darkness Ascending

    So, I don't at all deal well with anger, and I'm sure that's informing my opinions. Other people's anger, I mean. I absolutely do get angry myself on occasion, but I'm much more likely to just experience on the inside, rather than direct it at any actual people. Which isn't to say I have never...
  16. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: Acts Of Sacrifice

    I feel like the Lumati stuff sort of overshadows the rest of the episode. I know I just said in the previous thread (and probably a few others in the past :p) that one of my favorite things about this show is that it has room for some lighter stuff. And maybe I just think that it overshadows...
  17. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: All Alone In The Night

    I recently watched all of Star Trek Enterprise and realized that "oh no, the captain has been kidnapped by aliens!" is a fairly common theme on that show :p Not on B5, though! So I'm OK with that storyline here. For an episode that seems like it's mostly a one-off non-arc story, there is...
  18. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: GROPOS

    You all make some excellent points, I'm so glad I came back :D That WOULD have been very interesting. I wouldn't say that "dad is a hardass military officer" is a completely overdone story, but it's definitely not rare. Having it be a hardass military mom would have put a bit of a different...
  19. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: GROPOS

    Sooo, I return after three years to continue posting to episode threads and when I get to the first one I haven't yet posted in, it turns out it's ten pages long :p To jump right into the most-discussed topic (which made me a little uncomfortable!), I don't think Garibaldi was leading anyone...
  20. Lennier's Tears

    EpDis: Meditations On The Abyss

    Hi Talvitar, I look forward to your future posts! :) I think I've probably said this in other threads, but I tend to disagree that Delenn should have done anything about the "Lennier situation." I mean, I didn't even realize people thought her behavior uncool, bordering on cruel until I started...