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Re: Deathwalker

It was evidently a common and well known poison. As soon as they identified it, they were able to put together an antidote.

Had Deathwalker been making it, she would have made Sure there was No Antidote.
She was just that sort of person.

I believe it was made clear that the poison was bought in Centauri Space for the express purpose of Framing Sinclair.
Killing Kosh was a secondary objective, Framing and Discrediting Sinclair (and Earth) was the real point of the whole thing.
The Windswords may even have known just enough about Vorlons to believe the poison would Fail.
Or they might not have cared, so long as Sinclair took the blame for whatever happened.

Remember, the Windswords who planned Kosh poisoning didn't Know that Sinclair was carrying Valen's soul.
They just wanted to "finish" the Earth Minbari War.
And if they could get the Vorlons to do it for them, so much the better.

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Re: Deathwalker

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Galahad:
Why did the vorlon dreadnought miss Deathwalker's ship with it's first shot? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Who says it missed?
Remember the shadows and their allies have the ability to become invisible? Perhaps there was a secret escort there? Besides - an immortality drug? Does that sound a little too advanced for a young race like the Dilgar? It would also have had the effect of causing war on an unprecidented scale, forever - one side fighting for immortality, the other for survival. Wouldn't the Shadows love that!
The vorlon was destroying the shadow escort. No question!


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Re: Deathwalker

One might argue that the Shadows would not want this. They might even "remove" Deathwalker as an obstacle to chaos and development.

They believed that chaos had to be delivered regularly, in measured amounts, so that those who survived would have the time to heal and grow stronger -- to be dragged into the next period of conflict.

They had done this for countless times and did not believe in total destruction. They too saw themselves as guardians to the younger races. Guardians who shake things up, which may result in wars and extinctions -- but they never tried to completely destroy.

Deathwalker's serum would have launched a war with no pause, no time to heal, an all-out conflict until nobody would have been left. Yes, temporarily it would have served chaos and evolution -- but in the long run it would have been against Shadow goals.

If the Shadows did help Deathwalker, they did this with the intention of letting her work have a temporary effect. Afther the period of conflict was over, they would have gotten rid of Deathwalker, destroyed all ways of reproducing her serum, and let the younger races heal for a thousand years.

At least this is the way of thinking I would suspect from a Shadow.

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Re: Deathwalker

OK how about this compramise. (Engage tongue in cheek mode)

It was a PR exercise. Both the Vorlons and Shadows did not want Deathwalker to mass market the anti-agapic agent. Both send a ship to toast her at the last minute. The vorlons want recognition for resolving the situation, so much so, that they intercept the Shadow ship (or at least warn it off) before despatching the shuttle.

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Re: Deathwalker

I don't think there needs even to be Shadow involvement in this scenario. Should we have to assume that every conflict or intergalactic problem has to have some direct influence from the Vorlons or Shadows. I'm pretty sure that various races at one time or another have managed to stir up trouble on their own without nudging (look at the minbari war, although the vorlons did try to influence a resolution of the war) from the V and S. In this case I believe the vorlons got involved for the reasons stated by Bakana.

And why would the vorlons attack a hidden shadow vessel so early on? Remember, they were not ready to openly engage or even reveal that they were mobilising an army of light to the Shadows. Destroying a cloaked shadow vessel, however small, would surely be a violation of that understanding of no open opposition of each others 'guidance'. Note Kosh's reluctance to engage the shadows openly when Sheridan asks, and also the whole cover up behind the inital discovery of the shadow vessels etc.

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