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Babylon 5 XYZ : Website Opening

Hello !
a thread for the opening of my B5 website :

Few months of very hard work, i'm very proud to announce on it :
- the first interactive timelines of B5
- a viewing guide to B5 TV show and media allowing you to check the canonicity of the different items and in which order to view them
- presentation and introductions to the universe you share to friends to make them discover B5 !

Finally, "Theories" an evolving section with articles on the biggest mysteries of B5 Universe.
Every 1-2 months, a new article covering different subjects will be released.

Please, also note that :
- being a French native speaker, my written English is unfortunately far from perfect ! I still decided to do the website in English to touch a large audience of B5, but still, I am very sorry for it and will continue to work hard to improve it !
- you will find a Thank you page with a little something for you

Thank you !
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Re: Babylon 5 XYZ : Website Opening

Interesting but the correct viewing order of Crusade is as follows

War Zone 1st Jan - 5th Jan 2267. (The aftermath of the battle)

The Long Road. 27th Feb - 2nd March 2267 (The EAS Medusa and EAS Orion arrived two months ago)

Appearances and Other Deceits. March 2267 (This was the bridging episode written to explain changes between the black explorer uniform stories and the original grey uniform stories. Its position in the original TV broadcast was not consistent with the actual internal story chronology)

The Memory of War. 30th March - 1st April 2267. (From ISN Broadcast, the planetary quarantine enters its 4th month)

Needs of Earth. April 2267.

Racing the Night. May 2267, (Joe has said this is set 5 months after the Drakh infect Earth with the plague)

Visitors from Down the Street. 13th May - 14th May 2267 (On screen date).

Each Night I Dream of Home. May 2267. (The Medbay scene between Lochley and Gideon was originally going to be their first “formal introduction”. With the subsequent change in the production and the running order this scene was redubbed slightly, however considering that the Excalibur had been to B5 recently [Racing the Night] it's logical to assume that they met, however briefly there, as Gideon had his meeting with General Miller and the Ambassadors. Lochley being injured in the Raider attack and then meeting Gideon “again” on the Excalibur becomes their first “on screen” meeting).

The Path of Sorrows. June 2267.

Ruling from the Tomb. 15th June - 16th June 2267. (Conference date is on the banner in the auditorium. When Gideon and Lochley meet on Mars she has a head full of the conference, a murder and a belligerent MarsPol to deal with so she was distracted by unfolding events explaining her off hand attitude at first to Gideon)

Patterns of the Soul. June 2267.

The Well of Forever. July 2267. (Joe confirmed that Mr Jones saying Matheson had sensed the emotions of others, was indeed referring to Durkani and Lyssa from Visitors from Down the Street)

Rules of the Game. July 2267

To The Ends of the Earth 1st September - 3rd September 2267 (Full script but unproduced. Dates from the script)

Value Judgements. September 2267 (Full script but unproduced)

End of the Line. December 2267 (Full script but unproduced)
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