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Psi Cop
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Feb. 22, 1993 - "The Gathering" first aired

Happy 18th 'birthday', Babylon 5!

I missed the pilot airing but watched from the first episode.

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Re: Feb. 22, 1993 - "The Gathering" first aired

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Happy 18th 'birthday', Babylon 5!

I missed the pilot airing but watched from the first episode.

I watched the Pilot when it aired, the story wasn't much on first viewing (though after a full run through the series, you can gain a whole new appreciation for it). But, the CGI really roped me in, I thought the Vorlon ship was absolutely awesome. I was saddened there was no episode the following week, and cheered up immensely once the series did eventually come to fruition. And of course, by the time "And the Sky Full of Stars" aired, I was no longer interested in it, simply because of the CGI, but, was greatly invested in the story as well.

Happy Birthday B5, you have come of age finally.
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Re: Feb. 22, 1993 - "The Gathering" first aired

I thought the Vorlon ship was absolutely awesome ...
Yes, that was one of the many things I found fascinating about this new film/hoped to be series. I was finding the Star Trek versions of the future dull (occasional good episodes) and was really irritated with the 50 minutes build-up then 5 minute resolution and almost no follow-up consequences at all - and then no reference to the `earth-shattering` events that were so amazing (I speak with forked tongue) in the next episode (until, as commented upon elsewhere, DS9 followed B5's " a continuing story" ideas, though didn't do them as well).

Babylon 5 was so good because of that continuing story-line, the fact that it was an interesting story (BSG's continuing story-line had me phase out soon after the opening mini-series), it had interesting actors, it had humour (another failing of BSG), it had excellent, imaginative CGI, `proper` physics, the battles etc had strategy in them rather than being just bang-bang, the plot-points had strategy in them rather than being just good guy beats bad guy, and it had magnificent music - so much came together to make it a wonderful experience (and other things I've not mentioned).

I thought series 1 was very good (a few less interesting episodes and a few that more than compensated for those: "Babylon Squared", "Voice in the Wilderness" [the awesome idea of the Great Machine], "Parliament of Dreams" [fantastic interplay between G'Kar, Tu'Pari(?) and Na'Toth, nothing like the usual dialogue in such situations, but really subtle and clever], "Signs and Portents" [what did that insincere, car-salesman Morden person have to `back him up`?], and "Chrysalis" especially).

Then after a slightly shaky start to series 2 (but Lennier's revelation and "Geometry of Shadows" soon changed that), the series just kept getting better and better and better.
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Jade Jaguar
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Re: Feb. 22, 1993 - "The Gathering" first aired

I saw The Gathering when it first aired. I thought it not great, but interesting, and promising that a series might develop into something good. Boy, did it!
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Re: Feb. 22, 1993 - "The Gathering" first aired

Ooo, I didn't realize that. Yesterday, February 21st, was the 6th anniversary of the first (two) episode(s) broadcast of Avatar The Last Airbender. So, it's neat to know today is the broadcast origin of Babylon 5 too.

I remember watching "The Gathering" around about it was originally broadcast, though due to the syndicated nature of broadcast, when I saw it could've been off a bit. I remember there being a broadcast deficiency when it was on, so I set up my 13-inch tv next to the main tv with my antenna tuned differently to the regular tv's so that when one's reception faded it came in on the other.

I remember watching initiall and not really knowing what was going on, but being intrigued. Like others noted, it really was the Vorlons' ships that got me. I was young at the time, and I had grown up on Star Trek The Next Generation, so seeing the Vorlons' ships, I was amazed by the special effects. The Vorlons' ships impressed me so much, and that made me want to watch more. During the original broadcasts fo the show, I didn't see as much as I would've wanted, but I do remember watching "Mind War" and loving it. For me, the syndicated broadcasts were either mid-day Saturday when I was at church or really late at night after Saturday Night Live. But I loved every drop I could get.

And to this day, I'm busy trying to encourage my best friend to watch the show. Last that I heard, she's up to/through "And Now For A Word". She's expressed nothing but enjoyment for the show thus far, but her work/personal schedule hasn't exactly permitted more free viewing. I can't say for sure, but I'd imagine that by the end of season two, she'll be really enjoying the show.

Thanks Jan for posting about this!!
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