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Michael Garibaldi --- a journey

I know many people say (and I agree) that the story of Babylon 5 is,in many ways, the story of Londo Mollari, but I would like to put forward the theory that it is also the story of Michael Garibaldi.

If you consider for a moment: Garibaldi was there from the start. He it wsa who first met Lyta Alexander, the first telepath assigned to B5. His great friend and mentor from the Mars riots, leaves the station when he himself is in a coma, having discovered the plot to assassinate President Santiago, but been unable to pass on that information, resulting in the successful carrying out of that plan, and the rise to power of Clark and the Psi Corps.

He eventually awakes, to find he has a new CO and that the pres is dead. Later, he "misses out" on the trip to Babylon 4, and later still is duped and used by Bester to betray his friend and captain. He ends up, after all of this, reconnecting with his old lover and moving to Mars, and finally sees his friend die, as foretold by Lorien.

You can really watch the story of Babylon 5 unfold through the eyes of Michael Garibaldi, and in many ways I think the story does not give him enough credit for the part he played in it.


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Re: Michael Garibaldi --- a journey

My personal bias is to see B5 as the story of G'Kar's enlightenment. I would say your opinion of Garibaldi is as reasonable, although I don't exactly share it. True, he was very important to the story, but certainly no more than Delenn, who was there from the beginning, and plays perhaps a bit larger role... In truth, what makes B5 so enjoyable is that it is the story of quite a number of strong, prominent characters, with important parts to play in the story.
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Re: Michael Garibaldi --- a journey

You're right of course, and I don't mean (nor, I think, do I say anywhere in the post) that Garibaldi is more important than anyone else, just that the story can be viewed through his eyes more completely than, say, Marcus, who was not here for the full thing (on either side, due to his death!), or Sinclair, or even Lennier.
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