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Psi Cop
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Jeremiah Season Two - Finally

It looks like we'll soon be able to finally get the second season of Jeremiah. MOD (Manufacture On Demand) which is something I'm not familiar with but I'll take what I can get. Sadly, they won't be able to ship outside of the US.


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Re: Jeremiah Season Two - Finally

Hello Jan. I posted this information last night on the non B5 forum. Maybe, I should have posted it here. Anyway, thanks to Belbo I found it it is being released In dvd recordable format. Do you know if this has been around for awhile or Is MGM doing this on the cheap. Anyone know if dvd recordable disc will play on A blur ray. I was going to purchase a blu ray player but not if jeremiah wont work on it.

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Jade Jaguar
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Re: Jeremiah Season Two - Finally

Should play on a BluRay player just fine. They are backwards compatible for most all DVD formats. DVD ROM, I might worry about, but not -R or +R recordable discs.
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Kara Baxter
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Re: Jeremiah Season Two - Finally

does this mean netflix will get it now. ?
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