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Old December 14th 05, 01:48   #11
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Re: EpDis: Ceremonies Of Light And Dark

Don Stroud
Don Stroud, of course!!! As soon as I read his name I knew you were right...Thanks for the rescue Springer, there was no way I was going to remember that on my own!

Do you remember the movie, Coogan's Bluff, with Clint Eastwood? It's a really old movie, but a good one. I think that was probably the first time I saw him. He's played a lot of heavies and bad guys over the years. I thought he was perfect for the role of Boggs; he had just enough "creep" to him to pull it off!

You know, he was always such a big, good-looking guy, they really uglied him up...I mean, gave him a lot "character" for this role!

I've been trying to insert a picture from his younger, "scar lessĒ days here... but I don't know how!
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Old December 15th 05, 19:19   #12
Soul Hunter
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Re: EpDis: Ceremonies Of Light And Dark

The real irony being that they didn't "ugly him up" much at all -- he really looks like that.
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Old December 16th 05, 01:24   #13
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Re: EpDis: Ceremonies Of Light And Dark

he really looks like that.
Well, he is a lot older now than in the pictures Iím thinking of, and maybe some people donít age as well as others... For example, look at Mr. Boxleitner, now there's a man that knows how to age gracefully! Ooooh, baaaaby!

I Googled an example for you, check out the top picture, that's the image of Don Stroud I'm remembering...While you're at it; check out that last picture, too!


Speaking of aging well, I intended to age very well or simply stop aging! ....
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Old October 15th 07, 16:37   #14
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Re: EpDis: Ceremonies Of Light And Dark

I gave it a B. The last 15 minutes and the scene with Marcus and Lennier kicked it up a letter grade for good character development.
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Old September 15th 10, 19:48   #15
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Re: EpDis: Ceremonies Of Light And Dark

I think it was a good idea to go in a completely different direction after the last few episodes. It's quite realistic to show that there are still Nightwatch people on the station that think their cause is worth fighting for. Those two leaders of the group are scary personalities, real psychos - brrr!

The use of a cheerful spiritual, almost a children's song, in the terrorist context is sinister. The fact that it ends "Now hear the word of the Lord" is symbolic of Nightwatch's feeling that theirs is a mission, akin to divine.

There's some good character development, especially showing something of Marcus' past. Clinging to memories of losses can develop a tremendous power over a person. I've often heard of survivors who cannot forgive themselves for being alive when others have died. However, even one who enjoys violence as little as I do has to laugh over his comment that his anger is no longer repressed! Oh, and he gets the coolest line: "You can get more with a kind word and a 2 by 4 than just with a kind word."

Continuing the theme of prophecy, I like Delenn's comment: "Prophecy is a poor guide to the future."

Interesting to see Londo lecturing Refa that loyalty should be greater than ambition. And I love it when he describes the way the poison works!

I must say, I find Lennier's description of his love for Delenn to be typical for a young person, over-estimating himself. Romantic love is not high, noble and pure?! He definitely has a superiority complex! This leads to his later actions and character development.

I'm not voting, but I would say this episode doesn't rank quite as high as the last one; however, in terms of character and dialogue, it's very good - outranks any other TV show for sure.
'The road goes ever on and on...' (JRRT)
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Old February 8th 15, 01:07   #16
Lennier's Tears
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Re: EpDis: Ceremonies Of Light And Dark

I quite like this one. It is indeed a bit of a breather episode after Severed Dreams, but there's still a whole lot of stuff going on in this. There's some elements I'm not entirely crazy about, but overall, I'm quite fond of this episode.

Of course the remained of Night Watch would be plotting at this time! This band of thugs is a bit cartoonish again .. mostly the random dudes in the background who just sort of stand there ... Boggs is a bit of a caricature, but that second guy is SUPER creepy and entirely believable as the "real psycho" Garibaldi describes him as. His talk of the war, and that creepy song. Pretty messed up.

I'm not crazy about the artificial personality plot.

The Centauri plot, on the other hand, is pretty great.

The funeral early on in the episode is quite moving, as is the rebirth ceremony at the end. That last one has always been one of my favorite bits. And it leads to the new uniforms, which is pretty exciting.

I like all the character development going on here ... Marcus gets a lot of time and dialog in that respect. The interaction between him and Lennier is pretty interesting here. That's the first time we've seen Lennier sort of aggressive. Also the first time Lennier brings up his love for Delenn, of course. "A more noble, pure, perfect love". Sure, Lennier. Although, I have to say, I think when I first watched this, I actually believed him. We've never seen him be anything other than devoted and loyal. The weird stuff comes later.
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