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Re: The official X:Mutants United (Spoiler) Thread

I was away all weekend and am too lazy to read this entire thread, so here goes:

I loved X2.
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Re: The official X:Mutants United (Spoiler) Thread

Originally posted by Jade Jaguar:

Mageologist, I DID read all of the posts in this thread, including yours.

That's why I was pointing and laughing at all the OTHER silly people, silly.

Originally posted by Jade Jaguar:

I did not contradict myself, in that I believe that Jean Grey believed she was sacrificing herself in order to save the rest, so it is no contradiction that she did survive.

By contradicting yourself I meant that you were trying to ask the question of why the writers thought it necessary to "kill off" the character Jean Grey when you knew they were setting up the backbone story for a Phoenix saga, but take no note of me... I might write looong posts sometimes but even so I am never too serious about them, I simply like writing. That's about the extent of my silliness.

Originally posted by Jade Jaguar:

I did pay attention to the film as well, and of course noticed the red eyes. I interpret this to mean that the Phoenix is beginning to emerge. To my mind, she is not fully formed or sufficiently realized, so she is still Jean Grey, although they are quite obviously setting the stage for the Phoenix to completely emerge in the next film. If you choose to say the the Phoenix appeared in X2, well, I disagree, but you are entitled to your opinion.

Okay, first off, this is not me bashing you in any manner or fashion, so really don't take me serious at all and please don't take any offense. This is just me explaining myself.

Try and read my post a bit more carefully. I never at any point said that the Phoenix starred in X2 rather than Jean Grey, but what I rather stated instead was that we all got to observe the Phoenix appearing during X2. I always choose my choice of words quite carefully. Furthermore, I made a specific point in stating previously that throughout the whole duration of X2 we observed Jean Grey's powers accumulating and growing while still they lied dormant, which is why her eyes started burning of the Phoenix from within, but NEVER quite emerging. She WAS Jean Grey up until the very end of the movie when some force turned her into another being in the form of a phoenix floating about in the water. A force that is yet to be explained to us, but like I said we have the dialogue for a guideline.

"Every few millennia evolution takes a leap forward!"

Originally posted by Jade Jaguar:

I always stay until the credits have completely finished. I time films too. To me, the simple reference to the "Phoenix Sequences" doesn't prove that she was really the Phoenix yet. They would hardly call them 'the sequences where Jean Grey begins to exhibit the powers of the Phoenix,' even though that would be a more accurate discription, IMO.

Read my above reply or my entire above post again!

I hear what you are saying... and I agree, we are trying to argue the same side of the coin.
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