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Star Trek The Next Generation Season 7

I didn't see an existing discussion so I am starting my own. LOL

I am about to finish my first ever viewing of all of TNG. Over the years I have seen many scattered episodes, but this is the first time I've ever watched the entire series as a whole. I am not finished. Those comments will be coming later. Right now I have gotten to a point in Season 7 where I have to ask, what the hell is going on?

This season started off really good, but as it progressed it has just gotten crazy. Here I thought they knew it was ending so it was going to all be setup for movies and future spin-offs. That doesn't seem to be remotely the case. The latter part of this season seems to be a collection of episodes they always wanted to do and now they are trying to squeeze them in.

Is this opinion correct? Are all of these scratched scripts they decided to bring back for the end? I mean I notice it has become a bit of a free-for-all with the cast and who stars in and/ or Directs what episode, but is this just do what we want because it is the end?
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Re: Star Trek The Next Generation Season 7

People always say season 1 is the worst of TNG, but I actually think season 7 is which is a real shame. It was even the season the show was nominated for an Emmy.

The scripts were written specifically for season 7, they weren't old, rejected scripts that were dusted off. Which in some ways makes them even worse! The cast and crew have all complained about the quality of season 7, so they know. For me it felt like everyone had a family member in crisis in season 7. There's a handful of really good episodes The Pegasus, Parallels, All Good Things..., and I quite like Gambit and Attached, but some of the others... I mean, what were they thinking of with Sub Rosa, or Masks, Eye of the Beholder, Emergence, Phantasms, and on and on. Maybe they were distracted with DS9 being new and planning for Generations? Maybe they'd just run out of ideas. There were no big episodes with the Romulans or the Klingons.

And then really First Contact was the only good TNG movie. Generations and Insurrection were okay, and Nemesis was terrible. Hopefully Picard can give us the proper conclusion to the TNG era that we've been wanting.
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Re: Star Trek The Next Generation Season 7

Springer, I think your analysis of season 7 is spot on. You hit on all of my favorite episodes of the season as well as the terrible ones. I really don't know or understand why the quality was so bad.
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